List of Hard Drive Cloner Software

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Paragon Hard Disk Manager

This is the commercial edition of Paragon which includes many additional features. There are two editions in this group: Suite Edition and Professional edition. The difference is that the professional version includes all the necessary tools for easy, secure and fast hard drive management.

Compatibility: Windows (32 and 64bit).

Supported files systems: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Linux Ext2FS, Linux Ext3FS, Linux Ext4FS

Supported storage media: Hard disks (2TB+), SSD (Solid State Drive), Network storage media, CDs/DVDs, BD-R and BD-RE

Features of Paragon hard drive cloner software:-

  • Disk partitioning capability such as create, format and delete partition, move/resize partitions, make partition logical/primary, assign/remove drive letters, split/merge partitions, undelete partitions and many more.
  • Differential backup, file increment, backup to FTP servers is supported
  • Can backup to any type of storage devices
  • Encryption and password protection capability
  • Synthetic and Cyclic Backup is supported only in the pro edition.
  • Convert Dynamic to Basic MBR (only in professional version)
  • Convert Basic GPT to MBR disk (only in professional edition)
  • Can migrates Operating system to Solid State Drive or dissimilar hardware
  • Copy an exact clone of hard disk and partition to another disk
  • Restores to a virtual environment
  • Creates Virtual Disk (only in professional edition)
  • Has scheduling capability, but scripting is supported in Pro edition only
  • Built in with boot manager that helps to choose the OS when booting
  • Data Wiping capability with full range of algorithms

Documentation: Other than Help and FAQ files, complimentary support is provided for both clone drive software.


  • Partition Defragment isn’t supported in both editions

O&O Diskimage 7

Based in Germany, O&O Disk Imaging software is another great hard drive cloner tool which lets you backup an entire computer or individual files and drive. It includes features that both home and office users can utilize for their data safety. O&O Disk Image comes in three editions: Professional, Workstation and Server. The professional version is designed for home users.

Compatibility: Windows


  • Creates images of whole computer or partitions (used sectors only)
  • Backup and restore drives, partitions, files and folders
  • Clones drives and entire disks
  • Can easily restore back in case of failed system
  • Scheduling and automatic backup capability
  • Support compression and various encryption levels
  • It can restore on a computer whose hardware is different from the original PC (Machine independent restoration, MIR)
  • Save images to CD/DVD/Blu-ray and network share
  • Can burn images to CD/DVD/Blu-ray/HD-DVD - Can creates boot CD from the program
  • Works with Microsoft Virtual PC disks (VHD)
  • User friendly interface
  • 1-click imaging


  • No network functions
  • No scripting support
  • Don’t support Linux

Documentation: O&O hard drive cloner software has well organized support for its users. It has support for customers, trial and premium users including online documentation and FAQs. The software has 116 page PDF user’s guide that can be downloaded from its site.

Far Stone Total Recovery Pro

FarStone Total Recovery is disk imaging program that prevents data loss using well built backup, recovery and migration tools. It incorporates several backup and recovery tools. FarStone comes in two editions: Total Recovery Pro and Restore IT, only minor difference between the versions.

Compatibility: Windows

Supported Storage Devices: Hard Drives (internal and External), USB flash, SSD, Firewire, CD/DVD. FTP sites, RAID, Network drives and Network attached storage devices.

Features of Total Recovery Pro hard drive cloner:-

  • Backup and Restore Windows
  • Restores Files, Folders and Windows and Applications
  • Clone hard disk to another disk or SSD
  • Restores from failed hard drive and blue screen of death (BSD)
  • Data shredding and password recovery capability
  • GPT/Dynamic disk backup, imaging and cloning
  • Supports Encryption, scheduling, automatic backup and Email notification
  • Migrates Windows and files to a new PC or Hard disk
  • Supports Universal restore and dissimilar hardware restore
  • Creates bootable media on USB and CD/DVD
  • Remove viruses


  • Don’t restore to multiple computers at a time
  • Lacks disk labeling
  • DriveClone - hard drive cloner

    DriveClone is the other great hard drive cloner software product from FarStone Technology. DriveClone primarily used for cloning drive/partition and creating bootable cloned drive. It comes in two editions: DriveClone Standard and DriveClone Server. The server edition is for Businesses that runs several networked computers.

    Compatibility: Windows

    Supported storage media: Normal or UEFI computers, GPT or RAID Disks, Hard Drive and Solid State Drive


    • Copies/Clones Windows and all files, including applications, settings and disk partition information to another disk
    • Creates bootable cloned disk and upgrades to new and bigger disk
    • Duplicate/copy Hard Disk and Solid State Drive
    • Backup Entire PC in Universal Boot Format
    • Remove Junk Files from disk
    • Defragmentation is supported
    • Can automatically resize partitions
    • Copy/clone to 2TB+ and 3TB+ hard drive
    • No interruption during cloning


    • Limitation of supporting different storage devices
    • No Scripting and Secure data Deletion capability

    R-Drive Image

    Built in with the basic hard drive cloner features, R-Rive Image provides easy disk clone and duplication capability. Not only R-Drive Image copies a hard drive, it also restores the images on the original disks, on any other partitions or on a hard drive’s free space.

    Compatibility: Windows (32bit and 64bit)

    Supported Files Systems: FAT, NTFS, exFAT, HFS/HFS+, Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 FS Supported Media: Hard disks, CD/DVD, Jazz disks and USB drives


    • Creates a single image and can deploy it on multiple computers
    • Supports differential and incremental backup
    • Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service support
    • Supports Dynamic disks
    • Can connect the image as a virtual disk and copy the files using Windows Explorer
    • Image files are created on-the-fly, without restarting your PC
    • Image files compression is supported
    • Files can be stored on removable media
    • Creates bootable disks using floppy disks or a CD
    • Individual files restoration
    • Supports Image file Splitting and data verification
    • File system conversion (FAT16 to FAT32 and vise versa)
    • Partition creation replacement
    • Scheduling, Scripting and Action report capability


    • Lacks user friendly interface like we see in other clone drive software
    • Don’t have advanced tools

    Documentation: R-Drive hard drive cloner developers provide support through email and telephone. FAQs and user’s guides are also available on R-Drive site.

    Active Disk Image

    Active Disk Image is another simple hard drive cloner/disk imaging software which incorporates basic disk backup features. Active Disk Image can make an exact copy of your hard disk, solid state drive, USB, CD/DVD and save it into a folder. When a computer fails, the backup image can be used to restore your computer system easily. Active Disk Image comes in three versions: Starter, Standard and Pro.

    Compatibility: Old OS (windows and Linux), Windows, Windows Server 2003/2008/server 2008 R2 (all 32bit and 64bit)

    Supported Devices: Hard Disks (IDE, SATA, SAS, SCSI, SSD), USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards, External Hard Drives, CD/DVD, Blu-ray drives, and network shares.


    • Clone drive/Copy entire disk or partition to another disk (supported only in Standard and Pro editions)
    • Duplicate the same data to multiple hard drives (supported only in Standard and Pro editions)
    • Backup and create exact copy of a PC
    • Scheduled backups
    • Supports Compression, image splitting, password protection, encryption
    • Incremental and Differential backup capable
    • Image verification after creating the image
    • Creates RAW Disk Image (only in Standard and Pro editions)
    • Creates bootable media such as CD/DVD, USB flash drive
    • Scripting capability (only in the Pro edition)
    • Produces log reports that list all of the actions performed during each operation


    • Don’t have data deletion capability

    Documentation: Active Disk image hard drive cloner provide customer support through Telephone, email and FAQ; users can also read the software guide posted on its site.

    HD Clone

    HD clone is simple hard drive cloner, backup and rescue tool. HD clone drive program comes in five editions: Free, Basic, Standard, Professional and Enterprise Edition. On HD Clone site all the versions are well compared which helps to see the features in each editions. If you want for a single computer, the free version is sufficient. HD Clone features advanced disk clone utilities such as rescuing defective hard disks, independent of operating system when cloning. It is an ideal tool to create physical or logical clones and file images of hard disks.

    Compatibility: Windows and Server 2003/2008/2012

    Supported file system: FAT, NTFS, ext2/3/4 (for physical sector it copies any files systems)

    Supported storage media: Hard Disks (IDE, SATA, ATA, eSATA, USB), Firewire, SCSI, SSD, Dynamic Voumes, Flash cards (SD, MMC, CompactFlash)

    Features of HD Clone Drive software:

    • Clones an entire hard disk to another, larger volume.
    • Supports full GPT
    • Can boot from UEFI BIOS
    • Support USB 3.0 storage devices
    • Disk to partition backup
    • SafeRescue and verification mode support
    • Support Compression, password ptotection, encryption images
    • RAW images
    • Self-booting
    • Downsizing FAT/NTFS automatically
    • Support hard disk 2TB+ size
    • Support MultiCopy
    • Virtual drives from images
    • File image management
    • Can mount images from LAN

    NOTE: - all of the above HD Clone drive features are supported only in professional and enterprise editions.


    • Don’t have data deletion tool

    Documentation: support is provided on its website.

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