8 Best ways to speed up laptop and keep its performance

How to speed up laptop computer? Anyone who is a user of laptop wants to have fast computer in order to get done any job on time. Specially, if you own aged laptop, it would be time to clean, repair and even upgrade your laptop.

This article listed the top 8 ways to keep laptop performance and extend its longevity.

Like you do with any other equipment, computer needs your care and regular maintenance. If you want to get done your work without worrying about the performance of your laptop, you should implement the following easy but important methods.

So, what are the tools you need to maintain and speed up your laptop?

1. Update your Laptop operating system
This is the primary way to speed up laptop computer: update Windows. Microsoft, the world largest System software maker, allows you to update your system with latest updates such as drivers, security fixes and outdated system files with new version.
Turn on Automatic Update setting on System Properties dialogue box found in Control Panel. This will let the system to search for updates when you connect to the Internet. While you are browsing or emailing, it will scan your computer and lets you update system files with the current versions.

2. Upgrade laptop memory
Upgrading memory will improve laptop speed. But in order to upgrade memory, first you need to consult your system manual. The manual tells about the type, size and speed of memory used in your laptop.

Read more here to understand how to upgrade laptop memory.

3. Install Anti-virus program and update it regularly
Computer virus, worms, Trojans and other malicious codes affect greatly your computer performance. Depending on the type and threat level, computer virus damages your computer system setting, program files and personal data.

To overcome virus attack, make sure that your anti-virus program is active and regularly updated with the latest definition.

MacAfee, Symantec, and Kaspersky are the popular anti-virus programs available on the market. If you want free version for personal use, AVG, Avira and Avast would suit your need.

4. Don’t install programs you will never use
This factor seems insignificant at first; however, it helps to keep your laptop organized. Some people install every program that gets on their hand. Why do you fill your system with unnecessary programs? Each program installation will take memory space in a computer.

In addition, it also messes up your registry and slows computer performance. It is recommended to install programs you want to work with only.

5. Clean your hard drive regularly
After sometime work on your laptop, the hard disk may run out of disk space which directly affects laptop performance. If there is not enough space on hard drive, it will take a century to load programs and open files.

In order to prevent this, Windows comes with a tool called Disk Cleanup. This tool will free up space on hard drive by deleting unnecessary files from hard disk. Use this free tool regularly when you want more space on hard disk.

6. Run Disk defragmenter regularly
This is the other tool which can be used to speed up laptop. I usually run this tool when my computer fails to respond properly.
Disk defragmentor is also built in with Windows. You don’t have to buy commercial program for this. Actually, you can go for the commercial one, but implement this tool first.

The wizard can be automated or scheduled so that it will run at specified interval (weakly or monthly).

7. Install the best registry cleaner
Registry cleaner is an important tool which can’t be omitted when we talk about computer performance. Frequent crashes, system errors, missed dll’s and other system setting problems can be corrected by using the best registry cleaner.

To speed up laptop, you must install it now. You can read more on registry cleaner here.

8. Never use pirated software
Pirated software is software without legal license; the hackers break the program and sell it with cheap price.

Usually the crack code incorporate virus, Trojans and key loggers which can spread in a system causing possible damage on files and programs.


whether you have a new or aged computer, you should implement the above popular ways to speed up laptop. I hope what mentioned here will give you better insight in keeping laptop performance.

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