Choosing the best computer monitor

Want to buy computer monitor, but do not know which type, size so forth? That is a good question to ask before putting your money on this expensive part of a computer.

Go ahead and read this article and know the features of a good monitor.

What is a computer monitor?

Computer screen is one of the most important parts of your pc which displays the output from the computer. Text and graphics video modes are the most basic ones displayed by a monitor.

A user communicates with the computer through a monitor, otherwise it will be difficult to know what is going on inside the computer.

How it works?

The screen works with the VGA (Video Graphics Array). Video graphics card plays key role by communicating the board with the screen. It is an interface between your computer and the display. Normally, modern computer motherboard incorporates built in video card. Other than the onboard card, we can add additional video card which can be plugged on PCI slots of the main board.

The video card is responsible for receiving instructions from CPU. It then translates the information in a way the screen understands and displays it to you. While doing this, the video adapter uses its own processor (graphic accelerator) and memory to accomplish the task.

A modern graphics adapter integrates both its own graphic accelerator and memory. This integration makes the CPU to liberate from processing graphical instructions and focus on other computing tasks. Also the main memory will be free from storing display information.

The card will get the information from CPU, it will then process using its own processor and memory to display the desired result on the screen. This technology will greatly increase your computer performance. Moreover, you can easily load and see graphical data on the screen.

For example, my Dell computer has a graphic card with its own processor and 214MB memory.The more graphic card memory space you have, the faster the graphical data loads on your screen.

So, when you buy computer monitor keep in mind whether the graphics adapter has these capabilities.

Types of monitors

CRT (Cathode-ray tube) and LCD (liquid crystal display) monitors are the two types used widely. Now a day, however, LCD monitors are replacing CRTs and becoming the most favorite type people want to have.

LCD monitors are more preferable than CRT in terms of size, quality, health safety and power consumption.

computer monitor comes in different sizes starting from 12” to 30”


Currently, there are ranges of monitors available on the market which differs in price and quality. However, your choice should be the one that fits your current need. All you have to do is to remember the most important factors and apply those features to purchase the best computer monitor.

Comparison between CRT and LCD computer monitors

CRT monitor

High power consumption


Occupy space

Hard for eyes

 LCD monitor 

Low power consumption


occupy less space

Easier for eyes

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