How to Clean laptop screen?

How do we clean laptop screen? In fact, it is not necessary to write about it. But, it is just to give ideas for those afraid of cleaning their laptop screen before serious problem happens to it.

In one way or another laptop screen gets dirt. Unless you clean it on time, it may bring permanent damage to the screen. And unlike desktop LCD screen, fixing and replacing laptop screen is very expensive. It may even cost you half of the price of the laptop, if the laptop screen is cracked or broken. This dictates that you should give much care for your laptop screen.

Specially, if you are a traveler and do most of your work on your laptop, it is more likely that your laptop screen is exposed to dust and other possible damage. In this article, we will give simple methods to clean your laptop screen, which is commonly found on the net as well.

If you want to clean your laptop screen, the first step would be getting the material you need. Laptop screen resembles desktop LCD, but it is different in the make. Moreover, laptop screen is attached with main unit.

Things you need to clean laptop screen

There are different opinions about using cleaning solutions such as Isopropyl Alcohol, ammonia and Vinegar for cleaning laptop screen. Moreover, some others suggest that distilled water mixed with vinegar in 1:1 ratio is also good. I have never used these solutions. However, it may be helpful, but make sure that the chemicals do not bring negative impact on the screen.

Actually, the best place you get information about cleaning laptop screen is your laptop manufacturer manual or customer support desk.

To clean laptop screens the following materials are enough:-

  • Old t-shirt cloth (100% cotton) or you can buy readymade anti-static clothes made for this purpose. It is like a cloth we use to clean lens or eyeglasses.
  • Distilled water
  • Pressurized air cane, which can be purchased from PC stores.
  • Laptop screen cleaning solution (if you don’t want to use distilled water)

The first step to start cleaning will be blowing the screen with pressurized cane; this will remove dust and particles from the screen. If you do it without blowing, you may scratch the screen when you rub it with the wet cloth.

The second step will be wetting the cloth either by spray or other means with the solution and apply gently on the screen with little movement. You should clean the edges as well.

Finally, dry the screen using dry cloth. Now, you have clean screen.

Tips for laptop screen care

  • When holding the laptop in the bag, do not put heavy objects including laptop adapter at the side of screen. The object may press on the screen and damage it.
  • When cleaning do not push on it heavily
  • Always close the screen after work, don’t leave it open
  • Never use paper towels, soft tissues, a cloth with filaments
  • Do not spray any solution to the screen directly
  • Always shutdown your laptop before applying the cleaning (it is always good to be at the safe side)


It is easy to clean laptop screen, but it must be done with care. The above information is enough to start cleaning dusty screens and keep the screen from damage. If you want more info, it is better to consult the manufacturer support before going to other available options.

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