How to test my computer speed?

I want to test my computer speed, but how can I do that? Many people (including me) ask this question because people are eager to know how fast their computer is.

Actually, when we talk about computer speed it is more connected with a computer processor. However, a processor cannot perform well by itself unless it is supported by essential computer parts such as motherboard, graphics card, speed of hard drive, memory size and speed and other components.

Computer experts use two types of pc performance test methods.They are called:-.

  • Component testing (benchmark) – each components of a computer is tested individually.
  • System benchmark - measures the overall performance of computer systems.

On the light of this we can still know how fast our computer is. I usually test my computer speed using the following methods.

Ways of computer processor speed test

Using the applications we use

This is my primary way to test my computer performance. Commonly, to install new applications, it requires latest version of operating system and upgrading of other individual parts of a computer. However, you can still check whether the application still works on the old operating system configuration or not.

You can easily know how fast is your computer by using the applications you use.

Using applications-based testing methods

You can use commercial programs such as BAPCO Sysmark ( and iCOMP (Intel processor benchmark) to measure performance of computer systems and components. You can visit the above webpage and find list of system component comparisons.

Usually it is recommended to research using these tools before purchasing new processor. It tells the rank of each computer processor type both from Intel and AMD line.

Understanding each parts of a computer

Each parts of a computer come with specification that tells about the capability of the part. Particularly, this method is beneficial when you start to build your own custom computer. Knowing individual parts of a computer enable you to choose and install the latest parts with better performance and technology.


In my experience, the best way to test my computer speed is using the applications I use. If you really want to know the performance of your system, install high-resource demand applications such as graphics and design programs, and see how your computer performs when running these kinds of software.

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