Barebones computers: cheap way to build your own custom computer

What are barebones computers? How to choose the right system? What is the benefit of buying barebones system? If you want to get the answer for these and know more about barebones systems, read through this article and get the right barebones computer that can satisfy your need.

What is barebones computer?

In short, barebones computer is partially-built computer. Usually, this type of system unit is suitable for those who have an interest to build their own PC. Unlike retail computer type, this will give an opportunity to choose the parts you want to include in the system. And this is one of beauty of barebones system – customizability.

When you plan to build your own system, it begins with the type of case, power unit and motherboard you are going to use. Most systems incorporate these components. It means that half of the job is done for you.

Based on your choice, the other components can be purchased separately from different stores and fitted into the system. Wide varieties of barebones systems choices are available for desktop, laptop and server.

The main components of barebones

Though there are different types of barebones, the most common components that come with each barebones system include computer case, power unit and motherboard. The remaining parts will be added based on your choice of devices.

Computer processor, graphics card, hard drive, memory, CD drive and other peripherals are the components you should purchase yourself and install. In fact, the motherboard that comes with the barebones won’t support all of the processors found on the market. So, it will be your homework to pick the right barebones system that can support your choice of processor.

The other point you need to remember is the graphics card. Commonly, graphics card is integrated with most computer motherboards, however, if you are building a gaming computer you should select a separate high-end graphics card that can be hooked on the motherboard PCI.

Look these main features on the system of your choice.

Benefits of barebones computer

  • Saves money by installing your choice of pc components. However, care must be taken here when choosing a system, it may cost more than the retail computer. You need technical knowledge about each part or get helped by pc technician when selecting the remaining parts.
  • Good for those who have an interest to learn more about computer. Actually once you have the system it will be easier to put the remaining parts and get your computer run.
  • Easy for customization, good to play around with the parts and experiment.
  • Saves time from building a computer from scratch, since barebones are half-built computers.

Tips to remember when choosing barebones

  • Select a system unit with enough space inside, so that you can add more devices you want such as additional hard disk, CD/DVD burner and other peripherals
  • Select a system suitable for future upgrading
  • Select system that is compatible with both your choice of hardware (CPU, graphics card, hard drive etc…) and operating system (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7).

Where to get barebones systems?

Several models and types of system kits are available on the market, but there are a few places to worth to visit and buy.

Some of the best online stores to purchase barebones are the following:

  • Amazon


As we have discussed, barebones computers are helpful mainly for building our own computer, which give us an opportunity to choose the parts we want to include in a system we are going to have.

I hope, now you are well informed about barebones computer, if so share this article to others, just click the link below.

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