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Burn a CD
using Nero burning software

Other than Windows built-in burning tool, you can burn a CD using third party software specifically designed for this purpose. So far from my experience, Nero is the best in this group.

When we compare both Windows CD burning tool and CD writing applications, we can easily guess that the former one has many limitations. For example, you can’t copy a replica for your original disk using Windows CD writer tool. Or, what if you want copy one disk to a number of disks; this is where the usage of CD/DVD burning software benefits you a lot.

Ok, I am using Nero 8 application to show how we can burn a CD or DVD. However, this is not to promote Nero, because it is the only burner software installed on my computer. I can’t deny that Nero has many features that will help you to burn Movie, Music, MP3 and even compiling your photo album slide.

Here are the steps to burn data using Nero

1. When we open Nero 8 the following screen show up

nero cd burn

2. Click on ‘Rip and Burn’ tab. As you can see in this screen, you can choose the type of data you are going to burn: audio, data, copy a disk or ripping.

cd burn

Now for this guide we will burn data disc, click ‘Burn Data Disc’ to start the process. You will get the following screen. Click on Data CD or Data DVD based on your preference. (You must have DVD burner if you want to burn DVD disk).

burn cd with nero

The following screen opens to let you add files from your computer hard disk to a CD. Click on ‘Add’ button to choose the files from your original place. When you add files, Nero tells the total space used and how much left (See ruler like guide under the white space. Green color shows the added files size).

burn a new cd

You can see that if you use CD-R the maximum limit is 700MB. Note the yellow line on 700MB. If you bypass the yellow line, the green changed into red color to warn you.

how to burn a cd

This will bring us to the Final Burn Settings as shown below. You can choose the current recorder. You can burn the files right away or save it as an image on your hard drive and burn it later on.

Give your disc a name and decide the number of copies.

As you can see there are two additional features: verifying your data and multisession

If you check the box, Nero can verify the readability and integrity of the data on disk after burning. For now you may not use the whole space on the disk, if you want to use the space later on you can add files and burn a cd again. But you must check the box to enable the multisession disc feature. Otherwise, you can’t add additional files. This will save you from unnecessary CD consumption.

burn dvd

Now all are set, click ‘Burn’ to start burning. While burning, Nero will tell the Total time needed to burn and the writing speed. Usually, the slower the speed means the better the integrity and readability of Data on the disk.

dvd burn

The writer will eject the CD upon completing the burning process.

burn a dvd

This is a typical setting you may find in other burning programs to burn a CD. If you have Nero, you can research additional features incorporated with this tool. I believe that this clears out the difficulties related with CD burning programs.

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