What are computer output devices?

Computer output devices are used to get information to a user in different formats. Learn some of the facts behind these important devices before buying.

Computer output devices are used to provide information for a user in different forms. The formats include visual, audio and digital. A CPU is responsible for processing the instructions and the devices are responsible in outputting the processed information in different formats depending on the type of output device we have.

When we talk about output devices, some of the devices in this group can do both the input and the output process. These kinds of devices enable us to provide information to it and receive information from it. Touch screen is an example of input/output device.

For example, Mobiles and touch monitors incorporate this technology. Here are the most common computer output devices.

Monitor - computer output devices

Computer monitor or screen is a device used to display information to a user. Whether you are playing a game or watching movies or doing other tasks, the result is shown on screen.


Computer speaker is the other output device which is used to hear a sound played by a computer. Speakers can be built in with the motherboard or comes as a separate part. It connects with the computer speaker with a cable.

Unlike the old speaker’s types, modern speakers come with USB connection which does both functions – connection and power supply. The built in speakers can be heard through a headphone, if you don’t want to buy the independent speaker set.

Headphone is also an output device used to hear music from digital portable players, such as MP3 players, IPods and stuff like that. It is designed to fit into an ear. It is also used mostly to play computer games and chat online.


Printer enables us to get computer output on paper. It is one of the most popular computer output devices we often use to get information on paper - called hard copy.

Generally, there are two types of printers: laser and inkjet/desk jet. Wide varieties of printers are available under these groups which incorporate different capabilities, features and price.

Usually, laser printers are monochrome (black and white), but color laser printers are also available. It is faster than the inkjet printers and very expensive, particularly if it has both monochrome and color printing features. When you want to buy a printer, your choice must start from laser types.

Though laser printer is expensive at first purchase, but in the long run it handles large volumes of printing with low operating cost.

On the other hand, ink jet printer requires minimal initial investment but has high operating cost. Ink jet printer is a requirement if you are into graphics and desktop publishing business.

HP, the leader in printer industry, recently announced a new printer which outranks the existing ones. The new HP Laser Jet printer 1100 works by Plug and Play, it doesn’t need driver CD. It also saves 72% of electric consumption by automatically turning itself on and off.


Computer output devices are a must in order to get information from a computer in a desired format. I hope this article unveiled some important facts about output devices.

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