Tips to upgrade laptop memory

How to upgrade laptop memory (RAM)? What are the facts we should know before trying to upgrade a computer memory?
To increase your laptop computer memory, all you have to do is buying the right type and size of memory and install it yourself. You don’t have to visit maintenance shop. For additional support, read through this article. It will show you basics.

Purpose of memory upgrade

The purpose of memory upgrade is to give more space for the CPU to store recently used information. This will speed up CPU’s computing task. However, this doesn’t mean that you should go out now and install a new memory chip.

First, we need to understand the requirements to upgrade laptop memory. Several reasons can be deduced for notebook computer memory upgrade.

The top three reasons are the following:-

  1. If your computer is running slow (this might not be always the case, since several reasons can slow your computer), Running Windows built-in tools such as Disk Cleanup and Disk defragmenter will greatly help to speed up your laptop. The other tool you must install is registry cleaner. This tool is quite helpful in cleaning a computer from corrupted registries, system errors and unnecessary files that slow your computer. You should implement these alternative methods before buying laptop computer memory.
  2. Upgrading laptop memory is a requirement, if you want to install new application that require more memory space
  3. The most recent operating systems and programs are demanding more memory capacity. This is also the other reason that forces you to upgrade computer memory. The good news is that the speed and capacity of memory is also increasing to meet OS and programs requirement.

So it will be your duty to know those factors first to decide whether you need additional memory or not.
Ok, let us continue. . .
As we have discussed already, there are quite a few ways to increase laptop performance. The easiest method is to upgrade notebook memory.
When you upgrade laptop memory, the primary task will be knowing your laptop computer memory chip size, type and speed (optional).

Laptop memory upgrades type, size and speed - upgrade laptop memory steps

Laptop memory chips come in deferent size, type (forms) and speed.
Size – currently the size of RAM is skyrocketing as a result of high demand by system and application programs. The most recent laptops come with preinstalled memory of 4GB or higher.

On Windows systems, you can easily know how much memory is pre installed on your laptop computer. Just click on My Computer found on your laptop screen or Click Start and point to My Computer, right click on it and select Properties from the popup menu. This will open System Properties dialogue box, on the General tab you will find information related with your computer processor type, clock speed and RAM size.

Knowing the size of your notebook computer memory size is the first step in upgrading laptop memory. Not only the size that matters, you should also know the maximum memory size supported by the laptop (expandability). Current laptops support 8GB or more. Most old PCs support up to 4GB memory capacity.

Type – the type of memory supported by your laptop is the other aspect to remember before buying RAM. You can check this from your system manual or vendor site. If both options are not available, open your laptop memory compartment and see the tag printed on the installed memory.

In the current systems, there are at least three types of memory installed: DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 SDRAM. You can read more on computer memory here.

Remember, not all memory types are supported in a single system unit.

Speed – laptop computer memory speed is the third factor that may be taken into consideration when we upgrade laptop memory. In fact, the computer motherboard controls the speed at which each component receives and transfers data.

Sometimes you can have a memory chip with the right size and type, but may not work due to speed incompatibility.

To solve this problem, always purchase a memory chip equal or higher than the speed of the motherboard.


Generally, increasing the speed of your computer is vital for your work and business. Fast computer process data quickly hence saves your time and money. As we have seen above, the easiest method to make it faster is to upgrade laptop memory. No need to go to maintenance shop for this.

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