Computer hard drive repair methods

Understanding computer hard drive repair methods enables you to fix problems before it gets worse. Actually, it is easier to identify problems, but fixing hard drive problems requires more knowledge.

In this article we will discuss about the failures related to hard disk and some of the methods to repair it.

Computer hard drive is a permanent storage media where all the files and applications are stored. If something goes wrong on this device, you may lose all your data unless you regularly backup the files to other removable Medias.

Computer hard drive can experience physical and internal damage. Recovering data from physically damaged hard drive is unlikely or it requires more professional help from computer hard drive repair shops and digital data recovery labs. Cost wise it is easier to have new hard drive than repair it. But, it depends on the value of information saved on the hard drive.

Symptoms and solutions for failed Hard Drive

Computer hard disk is made of different components, these are:-

  • Disk platters
  • Read/write heads
  • Spindle motor
  • Head Actuator
  • Printed Circuit Board or controller
  • Cables and connectors
  • Configuration items such as jumpers or switches

Due to different reasons physical damage can happen on hard drive, for example if you hear unusual noises such as scratching, and rattling it means that there is a failure in spindles and spindle motor.

Clicking sound is read/write head problem. Loose component is also the symptom for hardware problem. When this happen you should automatically shutdown the system and unplug the hard drive and get help from professional technicians. This will help you to avoid further damage on disk platters and make easier to recover data.

If your hard drive problems are more related with software, then using repair programs will undo the situation. File system fault and bad sectors on the disk platters are the most common problems of hard disk. These failures may get stuck your hard drive and even make you lose some of the data saved on the bad sectors.

To fix these problems, there are computer hard drive repair tools specifically designed for this purpose. These tools will scan and identify the faults and repair it accordingly. Some advanced repair software will spot and repair the bad sector or move the data to a healthy sector. And it marks the bad sector as defective so that no more data could be saved on it again.

Computer hard drive repair programs

It is possible to recover data from malfunction hard drive but it depends on the level of damage it gets. If accidental data loss, deletion or formatting happens, either you should look for the best recovery software to recover files or give it to data recovery service companies to do it for you.

Personally, I use Recover My files program to recover deleted files.

The following companies give service anything related with hard drive data recovery

Things to do to have error free hard drive

  • Always, always backup your data to removable storage medias such as external disk and CD/DVD. This is the most recommended way to keep digital data safely.
  • Use Disk cleanup and Disk Defragmenter to maintain hard disk space and speed up file opening respectively.
  • Use computer hard drive repair utilities such as TuneUp utility which bundles Disk Doctor, Disk Cleaner, Disk Space Explorer, and other helpful tools in a single software.
  • Use the best registry cleaner to keep Windows registry data base from corruption

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