Computer cleanup: How to have free space on hard drive?

Computer cleanup implies keeping your pc in a good working condition. When we talk about cleaning computer, it means having problem free hard drive. Hard drive (Hard Disk) is the most important part of a computer on which both your applications and data are stored.

In order to have efficient performance from your computer, you should always make sure that your hard drive is well organized and problem free.

As for maintaining, it is always recommended to take preventive measures than repair it. However, it is still possible to repair the problems with Windows diagnostic tools or use external maintenance software provided by computer repair companies.

Using Windows built in diagnostic (system) tools is the primary method to test and repair your computer hard drive. Windows comes with built in system diagnostic tools like Disk Cleanup, Disk Defragmenter and Error-checking.

These tools check your hard drive healthiness from different angles and correct errors if it is found.

Usually computer cleanup tools are developed to use it on scheduled basis. This is because the tools can detect and solve potential problems before your computer gets stuck. While scheduling the diagnostic tools is the best way to repair hard drive, you can easily run these tools manually any time you want.

Let us see each Windows built in tool separately:-

Disk Cleanup

After working on your computer for sometime, your hard disk will run out of disk space to carry out tasks. When this happens you use Disk cleanup tool to free up space on hard disk by deleting unnecessary files.

This computer cleanup tool searches for temporary files, internet cache files and other unnecessary files and delete safely from your hard drive. It also empties Recycle Bin, removes unused windows components and installed programs.

Using this tool on regular basis will guard you from running out of disk space. Actually if you have a hard disk with full of important data, then you must backup to other medias such as CDs/DVDs, portable hard disk, and other secondary storage devices to get more space on your OS loaded disk.

Disk Defragmenter

This tool helps you to organize and optimize disk files in order. Normally, when files are added or deleted, parts of a single file tend to be scattered over different areas of a disk, means a file is fragmented. 

This situation holds back disk access and retrieval time which degrades the overall performance of your computer. When you open a fragmented file Windows will take time in reading and retrieving this file back.

To solve this problem, you need to run Disk Defragmenter. This tool significantly speeds up your computer. I often use this tool when Windows and applications unable to load quickly. Try it you will feel the difference.


Both disk cleanup and defragmenter tools are not able to spot bad sectors on disk. You can run Error-checking tool to scan for bad sectors and recover data from the bad sector. It also fixes errors on your hard drive.

But, it is a requirement to close all application opened before running this tool.

Click here to see Error-checking steps

Running ‘chkdsk’ on DOS command prompt is the other way to check for errors on a disk and repair it accordingly.

To run ‘chkdsk’ type it on DOS command prompt.

External utilities

Apart from built in tools, computer cleanup can be done using application developed by respected computer repair companies. There are several kinds of software designed specifically to combat system errors and problems.

These applications have more advanced features that outrank built in diagnostic tools. These tools bring significant improvement in speeding up your computer.

Most of the cleanup tools in this group are commercial and can be purchased online. You can visit their site to choose the best product that serves your need. Usually, these products have trial version that helps you to test thier product before purchasing.

TuneUp Utilities, Registry Easy, Registry Fix and Registry Winner are among the top pc diagnosis and repair tools.

Conclusion - computer cleanup

In summary, if you want to have a healthy and working computer that don’t bother you while doing your work, then you should maintain and repair your system.

Computer cleanup utilities are among the tools you should implement regularly. And you will be guaranteed having fast and clean computer.

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