Hard disk backup - how to protect data loss?

Hard disk backup is a requirement for every computer user. As we all know, computer data and applications are stored on hard drive. This data is vulnerable for damage, corruption, deletion and virus attack. In consequence, information vanishes easily, unless the necessary safety measure taken. And it costs a lot in terms of money and time.

Presently, as a result of advanced programs, data recovery becomes easier and affordable. However, this should not be an excuse for not implementing hard disk backup strategies. We still need to care for our digital data that are saved on computer hard disk. Recovery software is not smart enough to restore all data, it is 50/50 chance. That is why enterprises and companies spend a lot of money to protect possible loss of digital data.

For example, recovery programs are not capable to restore data if the

  • disk is physically damaged,
  • file is corrupted,
  • data is damaged by virus, worm and parasites

You must put in place your own technique to copy your hard disk to other media. However, you don’t have to invest a lot to implement, start with the simple strategies and you may go for additional methods later on.

Methods of hard disk backup

Normally, if you are working on desktop computer that doesn’t connect to server or another computer, having secondary storage disk attached with the computer can be an acceptable method. Each time you save data on the primary disk, the same data can be saved on the secondary disk as well.

However, this is still not secure. What if both disks fail? You need to add additional back-up on other secondary disks such as portable hard disk, DVD and Tape. After you archived data on various disks, you need to keep the disks in different location (home, office, online file storage and other places). Both on-site and off-site backup methods must be implemented.

For instance, online file storage system is ideal way to access data anywhere where internet connection is available. A lot of companies are giving this service with reasonable price; however, make sure that the company is highly regarded and known.

Tools used to copy hard disk

Depending on the type of our work and computer usage, data can be archived using the following methods.

1. Windows Backup Utility tool

Windows Backup Utility tool is built-in with Windows operating system. It is suitable particularly for personal computer users. Using this tool we can create a duplicate copy of hard disk on secondary storage devices.

These storage devices include portable hard disk, CD/DVD, tape or other available storage device.

With this tool you can do the following:

  • Make exact replica of the hard disk
  • Can backup selected files and folders
  • You can create ASR (Automated System Recovery) disk
  • Copy system state data including system partition information - Easily restore back your files to the original or other alternate place
  • You can schedule backup jobs

2. Using Commercial backup software

If you are not satisfied with built-in back tool, you may go for the commercial programs specifically designed for this purpose.

Good practice of hard disk backup

  • Backup data regularly
  • Make more than one copy on various type of media
  • Use high quality backup media
  • Keep your backup data in separate locations
  • Secure your data using password and encryption
  • Use trusted online storage service as required


Whether you are working on personal computer or an enterprise workstation, implementing good strategy of hard disk backup is recommended. I hope you get an insight from this article.

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