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Choosing the right computer virus remover is essential for the integrity and safety of computer data and information. This is for the reason that computer data can get infected easily by malwares: dangerous programs and codes. Not only it causes infection and damage, viruses and worms are also responsible mostly for slow computer performance and frequent program uploading problem.

In this article we will discuss about the need of installing computer virus remover, symptoms of virus infected computer and how you can choose the right anti-virus program.

Need of installing anti-virus program

Installing computer anti-virus program is the primary step you should implement if you want to prevent your digital data from virus attack. As the technology advances, more people are using computers to connect to the internet and other networks. And using an internet and computer network opens a door for malwares to transmit easily from one computer to the other. Actually, the most damaging viruses transmitted through e-mail attachments.

Some of the ways of virus transmission include e-mail attachments, file sharing sites, none secured websites, pirated software and internet downloads.

Computer virus is preventable by installing computer virus remover and updates its definition regularly as new viruses are released daily. Almost all anti-virus programs both in the free and commercial group release new anti-virus definitions to protect your computer from latest virus attacks.

How do you know your computer is infected by a virus?

One of the symptoms of virus infected computer is slow performance. In fact, slow computer performance is not attributable only to virus attack. Computer poor performance is cumulative effect of several factors. Corrupted registry database, hard disk that is running out of space, low memory space, fragmented file are also responsible for slow computer speed.

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The other symptoms include slow program and file loading, sudden closing of programs and Windows, unfamiliar messages, missing .exe file messages.

Choosing computer virus remover

Due to the availability of several anti-virus programs, it may be very challenging to choose the right AV program that does the job. The strength on an anti-virus can be measured in the number of virus it can detect and remove at same time.

When you choose an anti-virus program, look at least the following fundamentals:-

Its virus signature database

An anti-virus program with huge database of virus signatures shows its strength. It means that it can detect and remove many types of viruses.

Daily Update definitions

New computer virus is released every day; anti-virus program developers are also releasing daily definitions (virus signature database). Make sure this feature is available and easy for updating either by connecting to the internet or downloading the update. If you have an anti-virus program that doesn’t have daily update, I think you should look another AV programs that can do this.

Supported with behavior-based detection

This feature is only found in more advanced anti-virus programs or developed separately. This kind of behavior based security software watches and blocks a suspicious code that tries to do an unusual action in computer systems. This way you can prevent your computer from new virus threat until a new signature is ready for it.


For healthy operation of computer systems and keeping your valuable data from virus attack, installing the best computer virus remover is vital. If you can’t afford to by commercial AV program, you may use freely available anti-virus programs.

Microsoft security essentials, Microsoft Safety Scanner, AVG free edition, Avira anti-virus and Avast are the popular virus cleaning tools available for free.

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