How to speed up my computer?

The following are the best methods I use to speed up my computer. You might not need all of the ways but you should know well how you can speed up a computer when it becomes unresponsive.

Computer performance is influenced by several factors. Registry corruption, virus attack, system errors, application corruption, hardware failure, incompatible application and lack of proper hardware and system maintenance are some of the main reasons for slow computer.

Ways to speed up my computer

1. Clean computer registry

Computer registry holds information about your computer hardware and software setting. Due to several factors this database may get corrupted and slows down computer performance.

To correct registry database and guard system setting from future problems, you should install a reputable registry cleaner.

Find out more about the best registry cleaner here.

2. Install Anti-virus program and update it regularly

Computer systems, hardware setting and data are vulnerable for virus attack. Several kinds of viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and other suspicious codes exist. These anti-system programs are capable to damage and hamper your computer performance.

To prevent virus attack, you should install anti-virus application. However, Installing anti-virus program only won’t’ keep you from new viruses unless you update it frequently. New viruses are created daily, and the anti-virus developers update their database with new virus definitions. You won’t be attacked if you update your anti-virus program with new virus definitions.

Virus definitions can be updated through live internet connection or downloading the definition file directly from the application webpage.

Learn more about types of computer viruses here.

3. Perform Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter regularly

These tools are built-in with Windows Operating systems which are used to organize and keep your hard disk data properly. I often use these tools to speed up my computer. The tools are easy to use and effective to improve my computer speed.

Learn more about these computer cleanup tools here.

4. Disable start-up programs you don’t need

Some programs start automatically with Windows operating system. This will increase the time of Windows loading. To reduce Windows login time, you can stop unwanted start-up programs.

Type “msconfig” on RUN dialogue box to open, then go to Startup tab. You will see startup items/programs which start automatically with your computer Windows. Uncheck programs you no more want to start-up.

5. Clean computer desktop

Having multiple files on your computer desktop also impede the loading time of computer systems. Clean unused shortcuts and data. Never use heavy resource demand screensaver and wallpaper.

6. Remove unnecessary applications

Limit your usage of applications; don’t install program that gets into your hands. Install programs that you want and work with often. Why? The install/uninstall of programs leave unnecessary files that corrupt Windows registry.

When you remove a programs use the appropriate method, Windows Add/Remove Programs. Deleting program folder doesn’t mean that you have removed the program rather you open up a door for system failure and program corruption.

There are a number of tool that provide better and easier way for you to completely uninstall any unneeded application that the standard Windows Add/Remove Program usually can't do. Ccleaner is one of the tools.

7. Use separate storage hard disk

Having a separate hard drive is the other method I use to speed up my computer. In order to keep system drive from fragmentation and running out of disk space, I use a separate hard drive to store all my files and data. I leave the root drive only for programs and applications.

8. Upgrade computer memory

Memory upgrade also improves speed of computer performance. If your computer has room for additional memory, it is recommended to buy and upgrade memory capacity to the maximum the computer supports. A computer with 1000MB memory is better than 512MB memory.

9. Reinstall your computer operating system

Reinstalling computer operating system is the final but best method I use to speed up my computer. Actually, I reinstall Windows at least two times a year whether I have problem with it or not. Some says it is not wise to format a computer often, but for me it works fine.


There are other ways I use as an alternative to speed up my computer; however, if you implement the above methods you will surely prevent most system problems that hinder computer performance.

In addition, you can Search and read other sources to learn more about computer speed up techniques.

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