How to speed up windows xp?

Do you want to know how to speed up windows XP computer? In this article we will discuss about the best strategies we should apply to get back our computer performance and maintain its speed to the maximum.

Recently, Microsoft introduced the most successful and user friendly Operating system – Windows 7. However, Windows XP is still the most favorite OS installed on millions of computers. And we should know how to speed up XP installed computer when its operation is halted by a number of reasons.

Reasons for Slow computer

No matter how fast is your PC, computer processing speed degrades through time. The major factors responsible for poor performance of computer operations include:-

  • OS corruption
  • Registry problem
  • Virus attack
  • Pirated applications
  • Lack of enough memory space
  • Hardware failure (upgrading needed)

There are reasons other than mentioned above, but these are the main ones.

To repair and prevent these problems, several kinds of security and maintenance tools are available on the market. Even without spending a penny you can improve your computer performance.

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How to speed up Windows XP computer?

What are the major methods you should implement to speed up windows XP Computer? You will surely prevent most of computer problems if you do these methods properly.

Let us go and see the ways to speed up windows XP …

1. Updating Windows XP service packs

Microsoft updated its windows XP operating system with latest security fixes and new system files. Microsoft released three service update packs (SP1, SP2, and SP3).

If your Windows XP OS is not updated, you can download the latest Service Pack and update your system with new version. You will find the update on

2. Clean up computer hard drive

Computer performance will greatly affected if the files on your hard drive is fragmented and run out of disk space. These are mostly the reasons for slow computer.

To resolve these, use Windows built-in tools: Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter

Read more about these computer cleanup tools

3. Install Quality Anti-Virus program and update it regularly

Computer virus, worms, Trojans and other malicious codes impede the computing process of your computer. These are the major threats of any computer system. Other than slowing computer operations, computer virus damages valuable information and data.

For example, worms fill your computer memory space so that your computer won’t have enough space to work with and stack the entire system consequently.

Free versions of Anti-virus programs are available for those can’t afford to buy the commercial one.

AVG, Avira and Avast are the popular free anti-virus programs can be downloaded from the vendor site.

4. Upgrading memory and other parts

Computer memory upgrade is the other way to speed up windows XP system. Having enough memory space is a requirement so that computer processor computes quickly. The higher is the speed and the capacity of pc memory, the faster will be the processing speed.

In addition to memory upgrade, other parts such as Graphics Card and hard disk can be upgraded. Graphics card plays great role in computer performance.

Commonly, graphics card is integrated with the motherboard. However, you can still upgrade your card by hooking the new card on the motherboard PCI slot. But first, you must check your system manual for the type of graphics card your motherboard supports.

5. Use registery cleaner

Registry cleaner is used to clean and repair Windows registry database. It is highly recommended to install registry cleaner on your computer. Most system problems such as error messages, slow program load, crash, freezing, and system file corruption are protected by using registry cleaner.

Read more on the features of best registry cleaner


These are the top five methods used to speed up windows XP computer. Having the above tools installed properly, you will surely increase your pc performance and guard it from frequent system problems.

Hope this article will help you to resolve your Windows XP pc problems.

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