How to recover laptop data?

Is it possible to recover laptop data? The answer is both yes and no. This is for the reason that the recovery process depends on the type of damage your laptop gets. In most cases, recovering data is possible from laptops. However, it will require professional software and technicians. Currently, there are several data recovery programs but a few are successful in doing the job.

In this article, we will try to see how we can recover data from a laptop and how to protect data loss next time. It is always wise to take prevention method before the problem happens.

All computer data (both your personal file and applications) is permanently stored on computer hard drive. Yet, this digital data can get possible damage and corruption unless proper protection strategy is implemented.

Reasons for the loss of laptop data

To recover laptop data successfully, you should first know the type of problem your laptop hard drive gets into. This will help you to use the right tool that is related with your laptop hard drive problem.

Laptop data can be lost due to several reasons. The following are some of the major ones.

  • Hard drive failure
  • Accidental deletion of files
  • Physical damage
  • Hard drive formatting
  • Hard drive partitioning
  • File overwriting
  • Virus attack
  • Hardware and software failure

How to recover laptop data?

Well, you must use data recovery programs designed for this purpose. There are quite a lot of recovery applications in this group available with affordable price. You can also try freely available programs though the programs in this group are not well advanced when comparing to the commercial ones.

The most advanced recovery programs can recover files from almost any type of damages mentioned above. Except, data loss due to physical damage and virus is very unlikely. For physically damaged disks, there could be hope for it if the disk platters inside the hard disk are intact. The disk platters can be read individually through special tools which are available in advanced data recovery companies.

Depending on disk problem, you may be forced to take your laptop to data recovery technicians who are specialized in this area. If your laptop hard drive is still functioning but lost some useful data, you can recover laptop data using the best data recovery program. For this purpose you may try both free and commercial versions. Remember: before buying always try the trial or demo version.

Personally, I recommend Recover My Files program (please try the trial version before purchasing the complete packet). Recover My Files program is my favorite recovery program I use to recover files both from desktop and laptop computers. It can restore any type of file you can think of from deleted partition, formatted and OS reinstalled hard drive. You can download the trial version and see the outcome for yourself.

How can I prevent data loss?

Computer data is vulnerable for damage and corruption. And a computer may freeze and stop working at any time due to several reasons. And you will lose your valuable data as a consequence. In order to protect digital data loss, it is strongly recommended to backup computer data daily and on regular basis.

Computer data can be copied on secondary storage Medias such as CD/DVDs, external (portable) hard disk and Tapes. Also there are online services that give a limited space in their server to upload or save files at any time and place where internet connection is available.

In addition to implementing regular data backup method, maintaining the performance of your computer is important. Having updated anti-virus program, cleaning registry data base, running hard drive repairing tools, upgrading old parts and updating the operating system and drivers are the best ways to keep going your computer.

Recover laptop data conclusion

As we have already discussed above, it is possible to recover lost data from a computer. However, you must use the right tool that fits to your situation. Trying different methods will hinder the restoring process and won’t salvage your data again. Above all, saving your computer files to other storage devices is the best practice and the safest method.

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