What is hard disk data recovery software?

Hard disk data recovery software is used to recover lost data from a computer hard disk. Most people think that data can’t be recovered back after it is deleted or erased. But data can be recovered, even from a formatted hard drive unless the disk is encountered physical damage.

Because of this capability of recovery software, governmental agencies, organizations and individuals use special programs to shred or wipe their old computer hard disk before they sell or donate the system. Why? Using data recovery software, you can retrieve back any type of information written on the hard disk (credit card information, bank account details, personal files, etc).

In order to protect identity theft, you should permanently erase your hard disk. There are superb applications to do this.

Possible reasons of losing data

Several reasons can be assumed for the reason of losing data.

  • Human error – accidentally deleting information
  • Due to computer virus, worm and other malicious codes
  • File corruption
  • Hardware failure, usually the hard disk may fail to respond. If your disk is physically damaged, the disk platters found inside the case can individually be read using devices made for this. This service is only give in advanced computer maintenance shops. You may consult your nearby computer shop, if you are in this kind of problem.
  • Other several reasons

If you suddenly erased your files, chances are there to get back your data.

Data recovery programs will recover:

  • Files and Folders emptied from the Recycle Bin.
  • Hard drives that have been accidentally formatted
  • From hard drive on which new operating system has been installed.
  • Photos from camera storage cards which have been deleted and formatted.
  • Any file type created by various programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Acrobat writer, AutoCAD drawings and other files.

Data can be recovered from various types of file storage media such as Memory card, USB Flash disk, Hard Drives, Portable hard disks and other storage devices. The strength and extent of the recovery program depends on the type of hard disk data recovery software you have.

Currently, there are some good applications found on the market (commercial and freeware). I have tried some of free recovery software; however, they are not as good as the commercial one. If you lost sensitive data and wants to recover your file without damage, then Recover My Files software will do the job.

You can visit their web page to review the program.


Generally, in order to protect data loss in any kind of business, backup should be taken daily or regularly from a hard drive. Files can be saved on media including CD/DVD, Portable hard disk and Tape.

As mentioned above, data will still disappear even after taking safety measures. In this situation, using hard disk data recovery software will help to get the lost data.

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