Choosing free computer registry repair

If you can’t afford to get commercial registry cleaners, having free computer registry repair installed on your computer is essential for your PC health. Registry cleaner is one of the most important PC repair tool that shouldn’t be disregarded from your list of crucial programs.

Windows registry is a type of database that stores your computer important system information and settings. It holds information about each program and hardware installed on your computer. As you may already guess, it is necessary for healthy operation of a computer. And in order for a smooth operation of a computer, the registry database should be kept clean and error free or uncorrupted.

Computer system problems arise from several factors. Particularly, if you get frequent unknown error messages, DLL problems, missing links, system freezing, startup problems and other similar difficulties, it is likely that the registry database is corrupted or messed up. It is time to clean up and fix the registry database using free computer registry repair before your system stuck and unable to start anymore.

Reasons for registry corruption

Windows registry database may get corrupted as result of the following possible reasons:-

  • Incomplete removal of programs
  • Installing unnecessary and pirated programs
  • Computer virus attack
  • Deleting or modifying registry database

Repairing Windows Registry database

Windows registry can be repaired in two ways: using best registry cleaner or editing the database manually. Currently, there are a number of registry cleaners which differ in type, additional feature they bundle with and price.

When we come to the grouping, there are commercial and free computer registry repair programs available on the market. However, this doesn’t mean that all cleaners do the job, in fact only few cleaners are capable of fixing any error on your system related with registry problem.

Quality registry cleaners not only clean registry database, they came with additional tools such as Disk fragment, Disk cleaner, Disk Doctor, memory optimizer, system optimizer, registry editor, uninstall manager and other important features. Normally, these other features come individually.

Considering what these cleaners offer to you, paying $20 – 40$ is not that much expensive. Most of the paid versions also lets you to download their program freely for a limited time (trial version), so that you can install on the computer and see how it solves your pc problems and improves the computer performance. You can also let the program to quickly scan and repair the computer system online.

The following are some of the best registry cleaners

  • TuneUp Utility
  • Registry Easy
  • RegCure

On the other hand, apart from the paid versions, you will get free computer registry repair programs online, though they are not good enough in fixing the registry database. Some free cleaners may hurt your system or create more problems let alone repairing the registry. So, it is advisable to research well before installing free cleaner.

Free cleaners don’t have additional benefits that we find in quality registry cleaners. But installing a cleaner on your PC is better than not having one.

Best free registry cleaners include:

  • Ccleaner
  • TuneUp Utility free version
  • Registry Bot
  • Registry Defender

Things to do before cleaning registry

  • Back up the existing registry database– this will help to revert back to the previous system state if the computer stuck after cleaning the registry.
  • Back up your files to other external media

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