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Free computer virus cleaner

Whether you use free computer virus cleaner or the commercial virus remover, installing an anti-virus program is one of the requirements for healthy computer. Anti-virus program is a kind of software specifically designed for protecting your computer from all types of computer viruses and dangerous codes.

In simple terms, computer virus is a malicious program that can damage and delete any type of file saved on a computer disk. It is even capable of damaging the whole computer system settings. Currently, several types of viruses, Trojans, worms, key loggers, spywares, adware, dialers, rootkits exist. In addition, every day new malwares are released by unscrupulous individuals. These malwares are either new or modified version of existing virus type, but very powerful comparing to earlier type of viruses.

So, what is the solution?

In order to protect your digital data, presently two types of anti-virus programs are available – free and commercial (paid) version. This article is about free computer virus cleaner.

When we talk about free AV programs our choice is limited only on those vendors who offer AV programs freely. Unfortunately, there are few vendors who give away free version of AV programs.

Below you will find the top free anti-virus programs you find on the net. Which one is NUMBER ONE? Well, that is difficult question to answer since the strength of each AV program is different. But you will still find ranking among free AV programs. The problem of the ranking is that they have different standings on several sites.So, it is better to put the available top free versions here.

If you want to know more about the protection level of these free anti-virus programs, you may visit: for more info. You should use the ICSA Labs Certified Anti-Malware products. This company releases its test result about AV programs on a monthly basis.

Criteria to choose free computer virus cleaner

- Ability to detect all types of malwares

- Capability of scanning e-mails, WebPages and real-time protection

- Effectiveness to remove a virus

- Frequency of update definition availability

- Low usage of computer resources

- Ease of installation

Disadvantages of free computer virus cleaner

- Comparing to commercial version, the level of free AV protection is very limited

- All the features we often find in commercial versions are not included in the free versions

- The rate of the update definition is limited

- Program update is not available for free versions

- Only for single computer use

When to use free anti-virus programs

- If you do not use your computer to connect to internet. These days the most dangerous virus transfers easily through email and file/application downloading.

- If you are unable to buy the commercial version due to financial constraint

Best free computer virus removers

AVG free edition

AVG free edition is among the top free computer virus cleaner downloaded by most people.


- Freely available for home use only

- Good level of protection

- Virus definition can be updated daily

- Capable of protecting a virus comes through email, also inspects a website you visit

- 64-bit version is available

- Behavioral blocking capability


- Low scan speed

- No program update

Avira Anti-virus personal edition

Avira is the other best free anti-virus program worth to install.


- Freely available for single computer

- Performs well in protecting against viruses, spyware and rootkits

- Minimal usage of systems resource

- Capable of protecting a virus comes through email, also inspects a website you visit


- No protection for email and website visit attack

- Has problem updating its definitions

Avast Anti-Virus free edition

Avast is also the popular free computer virus cleaner which is effective for personal computer usage.


- Good level of protection

- Built in with email, webpage, and network protection capability

- Boot scanning

- Minimal usage of systems resource


- Low scan speed

- No program update

Microsoft security essentials


- Good level of protection

- Ideal for removing existing malwares

- Minimal usage of systems resource

- Fast updates


- Low scan speed

- Requires genuine installed Windows operating system on your computer

ClamWin and Panda cloud anti-virus programs are the other freely available AV’s for personal use.

Generally, free computer virus cleaner is capable of protecting your computer though it has some limitations comparing to paid version.

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