Online hard drive backup Advantages and disadvantages

Online hard drive backup is one of the methods used to keep digital data safely. Until recently, this method was not familiar for most of us, however, now the majority accepts it and people are using this kind of backup service for their digital data. Other than online computer backup service, saving files to secondary medias and devices such as external (portable) hard disk, CD/DVDs, and Tapes are still the most common and popular ways.

As a computer user, having more copies of all your digital data is one of the requirements for data safety. This is because computer data is vulnerable to possible damage and loss. These damages happen as a result of several factors. Some of them are system problems, hard ware malfunction, application problem, file corruption, virus attack.

Unless you backup your data frequently, failing to backup will cost your money and time.

Online hard drive backup features

Online backup means saving files on the server of the service provider. For online backup all you need is internet connection. However, in order to upload your files quickly, you need to have high-speed internet connection. Otherwise, it will take several hours to upload files with poor connection, which is not profitable financially. That is actually depends on the size of your file.

Currently, there are a handful of backup service providers on the net. However, before joining the service, make sure that they do have the services you want such as:-

  • Space limit - how much space do they let you to save data
  • Company reputation, reliability, security strategies
  • Does the service you are going to join have its own software to upload the files? Automation is important to backup files quickly and regularly.
  • Do they have good customer support?
  • How much does it cost you?
  • Do they offer free trial before you become paid member? This will help you to see what they have inside the service.

Benefits of online hard drive backup

Comparing to other computer data backup techniques, online computer backup has the following benefits.

  • You can upload your files at any place where there is internet connection
  • It is one of ways to keep data offsite that is far from your home and office
  • No need to carry around your backup devices which is exposed to stealing and damage
  • You can access the data at any time and place where there is internet connection
  • Easily share your files with your friends (actually this is not the intention for online backup)

Limitations of online hard drive backup

Though online computer backup has strong sides, it has weak sides too.

  • Size limitation – not all-backup service providers give unlimited server space.
  • It is not possible to do it with poor connection
  • May face security problem, even though, the services have file encryption method

Some Recommendation

Copying your computer data regularly is not only a choice, it is compulsory. It is simple, not that much technical to implement. On the other hand, with the implementation of all security measures, files transferred through the internet is not still 100% safe, so it is not recommended to save sensitive documents such as credit card info, bank information, and other personal files.


Having good computer data backup method is essential for anyone who use computer. If something goes wrong with the original file, you can easily retrieve back the file from the backup and continue your work. Online hard drive backup is one of the methods, which can be implemented easily. You can join one of services with reasonable price in keeping the above guidelines.

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