Hard drive repair software and tips

Hard drive repair software helps you to identify and fix problems of computer hard disk. There are different types of hard disk repairing programs that deal with many kinds of disk problems.
In this article, we are going to see the major hard drive repair programs you should have install on your computer.

Major problems of computer hard drive

Computer hard drive is the place where all system and application programs are stored. In addition, all working files, personal data are saved on the hard disk. In order to keep these files from possible damage and loss, regular hard drive maintenance is essential. Knowing the type of problem your PC hard drive has encountered will dictate the type of hard drive repair software you should use.

Remember: before running any hard drive maintenance, you should always backup all files to other secondary storage devices.
The following are the main problems of computer hard drive that are caused by many reasons. All other faults can be grouped into these major ones.

  • System related failure
  • File corruption and damage
  • Physical hard disk failure

1. System Related failure

System failure happens when a particular reference to a file or program is broken or missed. Problems such as DLL errors, corrupt files, Runtime errors, ActiveX controls, improper application removal, invalid entries, invalid device drivers, invalid application path and system references will result system fault. These faults will cripple your computer performance. Particularly, frequent computer freeze and crash stem from these kinds of system faults.

To fix system problems and prevent from happening again, you should get and install registry cleaner which is one of the main hard drive repair software. You can download the best registry cleaner here.

Other than using registry cleaner, you should utilize built in Windows hard drive repairing tools such as Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmentor.

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2. File Corruption and Damage

File corruption and damage is the other severe problem that happens to hard drive file. File corruption occurs both on documents and on system files. The bad side of these effects is that unless you regularly backup your data, you may not get the documents again unless you use data recovery program. Most of hard drive repair software that are designed so far deals with these and similar problems.

Generally, file damage is the result of malware attack such as computer Virus, Trojans, Worms and other reasons. The malwares brings different risk to your computer data. And the primary remedy for these file corruption and damage is installing anti-virus program.
Moreover, as new threats emerge every day, in order to prevent from these new malware attacks you should update your AV program virus definition database. All AV programs have virus definitions update. You can update automatically either through internet connection or download the file directly from AV site and do the updating later on.

AVG free edition, Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast and Avira are among the freely available programs. If you want, you can opt for commercial version. Symantec, Kaspersky, MacAfee are among the popular ones.

If you already lost files from your computer hard drive, you can restore back the deleted file using hard disk data recovery software, which is the other most important hard drive repair software you should have.

3. Physical hard disk failure

Things will be more disastrous if a hard disk failed to work because of hard disk physical damage. Hard drive repair software will not help you in this situation since the hard disk is damaged and do not work. Even though it is failed to work, it is still possible to read files on the disk.

HOW? The disk platters inside the hard drive can be read using advanced tool, which is available only at special electronics laboratories. Few companies give this service with a reasonable price. You must search online and decide. This actually depends on the value of data you were storing on the hard drive.


In summary, proper and regular maintenance using hard drive repair software will lengthen the life and functionality of computer hard drive. Computer is like any other machine that needs regular cleaning and maintenance. If you do this, you surely prevent many errors and problems. Do not work on it until it stops. Use the tools designed for this purpose.

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