Free hard drive recovery software

If you lost important data from your computer, you can easily recover the files using free hard drive recovery software. Not only from hard drive, you can also recover files from digital camera memory cards, external hard drive, digital players and USB flash drive. Data loss is normal and it happens due to several reasons. Some of the reasons include accidental deletion, hard disk formatting, partition deletion, physical damage and overwriting.

It seems that data will not be restored again after these activities, but the truth is that the data is still resides on the hard drive but not recognized by the system program.

Hard drive recovery software is able to recognize these deleted files from the hard disk and restore them back. The success of the recovery actually depends on the quality of file recovery software you have. In other words, not all recovery programs do job they claim for. For this reason, you should give due attention when selecting hard disk recovery program. Moreover, running different recovery programs will cause the recovery process more difficult.

Choosing free hard drive recovery software

Currently, hundreds of recovery tools and services are available online, which requires a little research before using particular type of recovery software or service. Free hard drive recovery software can be one choice to recover data. However, free recovery programs are not effective enough when comparing to the commercial recovery applications.

If you decide to use free recovery program, it is essential to know how we can choose the best among from freely available recovery programs.

The following points will ease the selection…

  • It must recover from different types of storage medias
  • Make sure that the program can recover files from all types of damage (formatting, file deletion, partition format, overwriting) except physical damage
  • It should recover all file types such as docs, images, drawings, etc…
  • Should have user friendly interface
  • That supports all recent Operating systems and files systems
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Get as much as feedback from other users
  • Good support and how to do manual

Weakness of free hard drive recovery software

  • Most of the advanced features are not available
  • They are not well developed and lacks important features
  • They don’t guarantee file recovery

List of free hard drive recovery software

The following are some of the popular free recovery tools based on user reviews. As I said above, before using one of them get more information as much as you can. Personally, I have never used freely available recovery tools.

  • Easeus Data recovery
  • PC inspector file recovery
  • File scavenger
  • Easy Recovery

How to prevent data loss?

In order to prevent data loss, you should implement proper strategies that enable you to backup files to other storage devices. Data can be copied to storage devices such as CDs, DVDs, USB flash disks, external hard disk and online hard drive backup services.

  • You should always backup your computer data regularly
  • Have more than one copy in different medias
  • Put backup files at separate places (ex. Home and office) which is called offsite backup
  • If possible, implement data encryption. Data encryption is useful in case your files stolen or get into someone. Encrypted file is readable only for the owner since he has the password or the key.


Free hard drive recovery software can surely recover lost data from computer hard drive; however, the success rate is low. If the lost data is valuable and should be restored back, I recommend using the commercial versions, since they incorporate all the features you require to restore back the deleted files.

Recover My Files is my favorite recovery program. This program has helped me to recover my files from deleted partition. It is an advanced recovery tool with lots of features, which can restore back any kind of file from any types of storage media. You can download the trial version and test whether it functions properly and can recover your files.

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