Free computer backup software

Using free computer backup software, you can copy your computer files easily to other secondary storage devices. Actually, you can simply copy and paste your files to other external devices without using backup software. However, you cannot do it regularly and lack automation. There are other benefits of using backup software. That is why we need backup software.

Currently, there are hundreds of backup programs available online. But not all are effective enough; you should select the right one suitable for your situation.

There are two kinds of computer backup programs: free and commercial. In this article we are going to see the essential factors you should look when selecting free computer backup software.

Need of computer backup

Whether you are working at home or office, computer failure is inevitable. The failure happens as a result of several factors such as system malfunction, file corruption, virus attack and other reasons. You may fix back your computer and start over working on it again. However, the failure will result loss of useful digital data, which sometimes make it difficult to get the files back. Moreover, losing your computer data costs you a lot in terms of money and time.

Unfortunately, because of lack of knowledge and carelessness, most people do not backup their files until a problem occurs to their PC. However, as a computer user, making copy of your computer data regularly is a must strategy to keep data from possible damage and loss.

Selecting free computer backup software

You can select the right software, if you keep in mind the following selection tips.

  • Know what you need from the backup software. This is because not all backup programs incorporate all features
  • Make sure that it incorporates advanced features such as file compression, password protection, encryption, FTP uploading, scheduling wizard, supports backup types, can be configure based on your preference
  • Must support and able to save to several types of external storage medias (CD, DVD, External hard drive, tape, USB flash)
  • That can backup over the network if you have networks of computers
  • That supports partition backup
  • That can verify the integrity of the copied files
  • That can restore files to original place on your computer
  • That supports current Operating systems
  • Ease of use and availability of program update
  • Make sure that the interface of the program is user friendly

What are the best free computer backup software?

Though it lacks some important features, a backup wizard that is built in with your Windows operating systems could be the first choice. This backup utility can easily save your files to any attached storage medias. It is preferable for home use. The tool can backup your files based on your file selection. It also supports four backup types. In addition, you can schedule the backup process.

Other than Windows backup wizard, there are other third party backup programs available for free. Some of them are the following:-
- Cobian Backup
- EaseUSTodo Backup
- Synch Back se
- Macrium Reflect software


If you can’t afford to buy or like free stuff like me, using will fill the gap of backup program need. However, when choosing backup program make sure that it is reliable and integrate the features you are looking for.

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