Computer backup programs

Computer backup programs are essential tools used to keep computer data safely by making a copy of your computer hard drive to other storage devices. Depending on the type of backup program you have, data backup can be done both automatically and manually.

In this article we will discuss about computer data backup requirements, computer backup programs, benefits of using them and where to get free backup programs.

Why should you backup your computer data?

Generally, we not only work on computer, but we use it to store different types of important files (photos, books, multimedia files etc.) and information as well. These stored files and information are susceptible for possible loss and damage due to several causes such as accidental deletion, hard disk formatting, hard drive failure, file corruption, unintentional overwriting, virus attack and other unspecified reasons. It is so painful to loss important files that you were working on and store for years. There is nothing disastrous like this when using a computer.

So what is the remedy? Backup your files and data using computer backup program daily and regularly.

Computer data backup types

Windows Backup utility can backup data in five methods. You may find these methods in other backup programs. To get more information about each backup type, you can read Windows help and support center on your PC.

  • Copy backup
  • Incremental backup
  • Differential backup
  • Normal backup
  • Daily backup

Selecting computer backup programs

Depending on the scope of your task on computer, you can use in built-in backup utility or use third party applications designed for this purpose. Currently, several backup programs are available starting from simple to advanced level.

When you select backup programs look the following features and benefits:-

  • Simple and easy interface
  • That can restore computer system state
  • That works with latest operating systems
  • That supports schedule/automated backup
  • That can restore back the backup file to new system
  • Support different backup methods
  • That has good manual and support
  • That can backup to different storage media
  • Other advanced features such as file compression, encryption and virus scanning

List of computer backup programs

Windows Operating systems have built-in backup utility. For home and small business use, this tool is more than enough to back up your data. Using the windows backup utility you can backup everything resides on the computer or selected files from local and network drives or System State data only. It also features automated system recovery utility which helps to restore back when your computer gets system failure. In addition, you can automate or schedule the backup process.

Apart from Windows backup utility, quite a lot of backup programs are available on the market. However, you should know the benefits behind each program before installing on your computer.

Here are some of the popular backup programs

  • NovaBackup
  • Acronis Backup and Recovery
  • Northon Ghost
  • Genie Backup Manager
  • Macrium Reflect (freely available backup software)

Computer backup Medias

You can copy computer data to popular types of storage devices such as secondary hard disk installed on your computer, CD/DVD, external hard disk, Tape, FTP locations, flash memory. There are also online companies that let you to upload your files so that you can access where ever you go where internet connection is available. Online backup services offer limited space; therefore you should be selective if you are using this method.

CAUTION: You should know well about the company before using this service and shouldn’t be used to backup sensitive personal data. Otherwise use data encryption software to encrypt before uploading your files. You can use TrueCrypt (free open-source Encryption) program, which can be download from

For personal use using external hard disk is the most easy and safe method. In addition, if you have old computer, you can save the hard disk and use it as a backup media by installing on your new computer (for desktop PC).


These days the usage of computer is necessary for every kind of profession. Computer makes things easier. Once you begin to use a computer, you are beginning to store your files and other personal data on the computer. But, you should not only store files, you also need to backup your files to other storage Medias using computer backup programs. This is very, very important.
I hope this article gives some insight about reasons for data back and computer backup applications.

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