Tips to clean computer virus

What is the best method to clean computer virus? How do you delete a virus that won’t be removed from your system even though you install anti-virus program?

In these days, the threat of computer virus is increased in quantity and complexity. And new advanced viruses are emerging daily. To tackle this virus invasion on digital data, anti-virus program developers creates quality applications.

Best ways to clean computer virus

In order to keep your computer data and information from virus attack, you should at least implement the following techniques:-

- Installing quality anti-virus program

Virus and other malicious codes keep coming to your computer through several ways. A virus is capable of destroying digital data and significantly slows down the performance of a computer, though this depends on the threat level of a virus. And there is no way to keep your computer from virus unless you install anti-virus program.

Quality anti-virus incorporates several features such as anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware, anti-spam, anti-worm, Trojan remover, heuristic detection engine and other advanced features. In addition, it should scan disks, email attachments and file downloads.

So, rather than installing independent virus removal tools, it is good to install a program that can access different types of viruses. This is because having multiple anti-virus programs in a single computer will have an impact on computer performance. However, depending on the threat level, you can still install independent anti-spyware to protect from dangerous spyware.

You can read more about computer virus protection programs here.

- Regularly update anti-virus definition

One of the strength of an anti-virus program is its virus definition database. This is very important feature of AV to clean computer virus from your system successfully. New viruses created every day, and your anti-virus program should be updated with new definitions to remove the new virus.

An anti-virus program that holds a lot of virus signatures (both new and old) is powerful to remove virus from computer.

- Scan your computer fully including removable storage medias

After you finish installing and updating the anti-virus program, you should let it to scan the entire hard disk and removable medias. This will take 15 minutes or more depending on the file size.

What should you do about a virus that cannot be removed?

When an anti-virus program catches a virus it either deletes a virus or quarantines it. If the infected file is important, it will heal it. But you may come across to a virus that cannot be deleted, quarantine, or healed after doing the above steps.

The best method is to restart your computer in SAFE MODE and scan again. This article tells you about the steps to remove virus from computer completely.


Having virus free computer keeps computer performance and enables you to do jobs smoothly. But in one way or another computer will get infected. When this happens use the above methods to clean computer virus.

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