Computer virus protection programs

As new viruses are introduced daily by unscrupulous programmers, installing computer virus protection programs are crucial to keep computer system and data safely. Computer virus, spyware, key-logger, Trojans, worms and other malicious codes are capable of crippling computer performance and damages any kind of data saved on system hard drive. Learn more on types of computer viruses here.

The action of each type of dangerous code depends on the type of activity it is made for, some viruses annoy a user with worthless messages and the other types can damage file. And this threat of virus attack on computer systems is increasing every day. To tackle this worldwide menace, anti-virus program developers introduced several types of virus detection and protection applications.

This article will discuss about basics of anti-virus programs and how you can protect your PC from virus attack.

How do computer virus protection programs work?

Computer anti-virus programs protect your computer by running in the background of a system. Once the anti-virus program is installed, it will automatically begin to check a system for viruses. In addition, the user can run the scanning any time as desired, but the program must be auto scan enabled.

Anti-virus programs identified a virus by “signature” or fingerprint. This signature is a unique code found only in a virus that distinguishes it from the other. A virus will be detected when the signature matches with the definitions of the virus dictionary of the program.

A virus dictionary is a store of known virus definitions. It is the most important part of best anti-virus program. Actually the strength of computer virus protection programs is determined by their size of virus dictionaries.

When new virus is released, the anti-virus programmers develop a cure for the new virus and update their anti-virus software (virus definitions). The definition file then provided to users so that they can easily update their installed software either by connecting to internet or downloading the definition file.

How anti-virus protection programs remove new virus?

When a virus is discovered on your computer, the computer virus protection programs will act in one of the following three ways:-

  • It automatically repairs the file by removing or deleting the virus.
  • It will quarantine or isolate the infected file at a place, usually called “Vault”, so that it will no more accessible for other programs to stop the spreading. Later on when you update the definition of the anti-virus, it will try to fix the file.
  • Delete the file

How a virus enters into a computer?

Computer virus enters into a computer through various ways. However, the most common ways are:-

An email attached with infected file

This is the most dangerous way for a virus to transmit from one computer to another. It is easy and fast to send infected mail to millions of users. And that is why the most active viruses we have today are those transmitted through email.

Always you should take care of an email with an attachment; particularly if the attachment is self extractable files such as exe and scripts, due to the fact that these types of files run as soon as they opened.

Through external medias such as CD, flash disk, memory stick, external hard disk

These devices are essential to back up your files and transfer files from one computer to the other. However, unless you kept them virus free, they can easily infect your computer.

So watch out these devices specially when you use other people’s disks. Always scan before accessing any file from those Medias.

Internet downloads

The other common way for virus infection is downloading files and applications from internet. Websites that provide free access to downloading programs, movies and music are not always safe. You should know well about the site before downloading any file from it.


Computer virus protection programs are critical tools for any computer user. Every day, programmers keep improving the capability of anti-virus programs. Doing all the above methods, virus can still enter into your pc and cause problems. Therefore, be aware for new virus threats, new methods of detection and updates.

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