Best computer keyboard features

As there are wide varieties of keyboard out there, choosing the best computer keyboard suitable for their work is not a challenge for most people. Recently, more comfortable and user-friendly keyboards are produced which also give a buyer wider choice options.

In fact, the type of keyboard you want to buy depends on your work type. Though it can still be used for standard use, some of these keyboard types are designed mainly for specific work (ex. gaming keyboard).

Benefits of best computer keyboard

We use computer keyboard to input data into a computer. Even if it is a simple device you should give due attention for your choice of keyboard type. Best and well-designed keyboard benefits you a lot.

Best keyboard benefits include the following:-

  • Creates good computing experience
  • It is comfortable for your hands, this will reduce wrist pain
  • It is well designed and incorporate advanced features
  • It is compatible with your computer operating system

Generally, computer keyboards are different in their design, connection interface, additional features they incorporate, quality and price. These fundamentals may help you to ease the selection when you want to buy a new keyboard.

Keyboard design

Keyboard design matters a lot when choosing computer keyboard. Well-designed and best computer keyboard helps to speed up your work and minimize wrist pain that comes because of long work. Based on design and architecture we can group keyboards into standard, gaming and ergonomic.

Actually, almost all keyboard types have four sections: typing area, functions keys, numeric keypad, and cursor/screen controls. Among keyboard types, standard keyboard is the most common and widely available type, which comes with all desktop computers.

Gaming keyboard is similar to standard and ergonomic keyboard, but it incorporates additional keys such as multimedia keys and special playing keys that assist to play computer games.

Ergonomic keyboard is the other but well-made type of keyboard. This keyboard type is usually divided in the middle so that it can align with natural angle of human hands. It also built in with wrist rest pad. This will give more comfort to hands and prevent wrist pain and strain injuries.

Ergonomic keyboard is becoming popular as people are now recognizing the benefit of using them. On the other hand, because of ergonomic keyboard price, you might not want to change your current keyboard. However, you can still make it more comfortable by getting additional accessories for it such as wrist rest pad, which can be purchased separately.

Connection interface type

Best computer keyboard can be connected to the system unit either with a cord (the most common connection type) or wirelessly. Modern keyboards connect to the system via USB port, the old PS/2 port connection type is no more supported by modern computers.

If you want to eliminate a cord or keep your table free from cord, you can use the cordless or Wireless keyboard. These keyboard types connect to the system unit wirelessly which is powered by battery. The weak sides of these keyboards are that you will always change battery and may interfere with other devices.

Additional features they incorporate

Best computer keyboard incorporates additional and special keys that make the computing experience more comfortable and speedier. These special keys include multimedia keys, internet, e-mail, calculator, special character layouts, additional controller keys, customizable and power management keys.


It is obvious that the price of best keyboard is higher when comparing to standard keyboards. However, as we have already talked it all depends on your work and health situation. If you are experiencing pain on your hands, you may try using ergonomic keyboard.


To choose the best computer keyboard, it is good to see these factors first. In addition, you should know the type of work you going to do with it. It is unnecessary expense to get gaming keyboard for just occasional works such internet browsing and world processing.

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