Common Windows keyboard shortcuts

Do you know you can operate windows using keyboard shortcuts? Well, I often use some of them. it will help you to increase your speed of doing things on the computer.

Specifically, if you do more on word processing and spreadsheet, you will be forced to use shortcuts that will easily gets you the desired result rather than using a mouse.

The following are some of the most common keyboard shortcuts found in Windows.

Key combination

Alt + F4

Alt + F6  

Alt + Tab

Ctrl + A

Ctrl + C

Ctrl + End

Ctrl + Esc

Ctrl + Home

Ctrl + S

Ctrl + Tab

Ctrl + V

Ctrl + W






Shift + Delete

Windows + E

Windows + F

Windows + L

Windows + M

Windows + R

Windows + S


Closes current window

Switches between open windows of the same application

Switches between currently open windows

 Select all items

Copy file, text, or folder

Move to the end of a page

Opens Start menu

Move to the beginning of a page 


Moving through menus in any dialogue box

Paste copied from the clipboard

Close current window

Cancels actions

Opens windows help

To Rename selected file or folder

Opens Search dialogue box

Open Find and Replace dialogue box

Deletes file or folder, it will not move to Recycle Bin

Open windows explorer

Open search dialogue box

Lock or logoff windows

Minimizing all open applications

Open Run dialogue box

Screen clipping

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