Computer keyboard diagram | Main keyboard layout

The following standard computer keyboard diagram shows the main parts of a computer keyboard. Learning PC keyboard is easy; all you have to do is remembering the position of the keys and typing with your fingers. There are a number of free and commercial computer typing tutorial programs, to learn typing.

The main parts of computer keyboard

Most standard PC keyboards have at least four groups of keys.

- Main typing keyboard

It is the first keypad, which takes most of the area of a keyboard and look like a typewriter. Caps Lock, Shift, Tab, Enter, Ctrl, Alt, Delete, Windows Start, Backspace and Application keys are also included in the main keypad.

- Numerical keypad

Arranged at the right side of a keyboard, numeric keypad keys arranged like calculator or adding machine to ease entering numbers.

- Function keys

These keys are a set of 12 keys, which are arranged above the main typing keys. Their usage is different among the different types of computer programs.

- Control keys

Control keys include Directional/Arrow keys; Escape key (Esc), Insert, Home, Page UP, Page Down, Delete and End keys

- Multimedia keys

These groups of keys designed to give quick access to web browsing navigation and other shortcut keys.

- Status lights keys

Shows the keys are in some kind of modes, for example, if the Caps Lock key is on, it means all the characters you type on a screen are in Capital letter.

You can read more about computer keyboard here.

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