27 best free remote access software (completely free, updated 2023)

Here are best free remote access software that allow you to access, administer and control your home computer or any distant computer from anywhere. Remote access program require established connection such as Internet or computer network (LAN and WAN).

Remote desktop access Advantages

Remote access software has many benefits. Using this kind of software, you can easily access your home computer from office or anywhere, reach all of the documents saved to your home PC, work at home by remotely accessing your office computer,troubleshoot many computers remotely, deploy software, transfer and share files between computers and monitor your company employees.

Main features of remote access software

Some of the main features of remote access software include, screen sharing, multi-monitor navigation, file transfer, diagnostic tools, text, audio and video chat, and scheduling.

The free remote access software may have limitations comparing to the pro editions such as limited features, limited time usage and ads.

TeamViewer Free


TeamViewer is the leading remote access software. It provides the best free remote access software for personal use that allows you to access computers remotely. TeamViewer can be used to support colleagues resides remotely, customers and friends, share your desktop for meetings, team work or presentations. It has three types of connection modes designed for different scenarios. These are Team Viewer Remote, Team Viewer Tensor and Team Viewer Frontline. The software is free for private use.

Key features of TeamViewer free

  • Allows to administer your remote home computer
  • Helps you to provide technical support for family and friends
  • Easy for file transfer, can copy files and folders to and from the remote computer
  • Provide and Support connection from iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phone 8
  • Connect to your home computer while you are away and work on documents, check e-mails, download images, etc.
  • Support video conferencing and chat
  • The connections are highly encrypted and protected
  • Support access to unattended computers

Compatibility: Windows Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS


AnyViewer Free


AnyViewer is one of the best free remote access software you can use to connect to remote pc. The developer has three versions, free, professional, and enterprise editions. Whether you want to access your home pc from work, offer quick support to your customers or work remotely, AnyViewer has all the features.

Main features of AnyViewer free

  • Support file transfer (100 files at a time with maximum 100MB single file size)
  • Support text chat in session
  • Support connecting 2 channels and control up to 2 computers
  • Include 2 simultaneous sessions
  • Assign up to 3 devices
  • Manage 10 devices in the current connect list
  • Support unattended access
  • Switch between monitors (multi-monitor switch support)
  • Able to do with shortcuts such as Lock, logout, restart, CMD, and Task Manager
  • Allows to access your PC from mobile devices

Compatibility: Windows, Android, and iOS

Website: Best free remote access software

ScreenLeap Free

Screenleap is a free screen sharing software that allows you share your screen via a web browser. The only requirement for this free remote access software is Java. You should install Java on your computer. The free version is available for up to 2hours a day. If you want share your screen for more than 2hours per day, you need to go for the pro or premium account. Screenleap supports viewing your screen from any device.
Compatibility: No need to install the program
WebsiteScreenleap free screen sharing


CrossLoop is allows to connect any two people anywhere in the world via computer. It is a marketplace where people get technical support and solutions for their problem. The topics include PC Performance, Microsoft Office, PC security, Web design, etc. The software allows you to see remote computer screen and can even control the mouse and keyboard. This free remote access software is beneficial to work securely with others located in different physical locations.

Key features of CrossLoop

  • Allows to see remote PC screen and control mouse and keyboard
  • Encrypt all files and messages using 128-bit Blowfish encryption

Compatibility: Windows, and Mac OSX

Website:CrossLoop screen Sharing

Zoho Assist Free

Zoho Assist Free is best free remote access software designed for small businesses. It is one of the best free remote desktop software for a small company. The software enables you to manage your assets remotely. The company provides different pro versions, standard, professional, and enterprise.

Main features of Zoho Assist free

  • Include 1 technician and 5 users computer licenses
  • Support unattended remote access
  • Transfer and share files up to 2GB
  • Support record remote support and unattended sessions
  • Support multi-monitor navigation
  • Support clipboard and screen sharing
  • TLS 1.2 Transport security with AES-256-bit encryption
  • Support two factor authentication
  • Generate reports
  • Manage users and delegate roles
  • Support group access
  • It is cloud based works with all major proxies and firewalls

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS

WebsiteZoho Assist Free remote access

DW Service

DWService is an open source and best free remote access software, which makes remote system accessible so that you can do whatever you like on your remote pc. It works with a web browser. It allows you to access your home or work PC via browser through connecting DWService website.

Main features of DWService

  • Web-based remote control program
  • Share folders, files, and documents
  • Able to download and upload any file
  • Control access to files, (read only, edit, upload, download)
  • Control remote system cursor, keyboard input
  • Share screen with users
  • Control and follow up remote system
  • Allows to start terminal sessions
  • Edit and view text files
  • Display log files
  • Communication is encrypted through SSL certificates and passwords
  • Has several nodes across the continents

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux

WebsiteDWServic Free desktop access

AnyDesk Free


AnyDesk is one of the best free remote access software comes with the required features.You can use it to access any device at anytime from anywhere. The free version is the stripped version of the pro edition that comes with basic remote access features. It can be installed or used portably.

Main features of AnyDeskFree

  • Enables to provide support for friends and family remotely
  • Support file transfer and screen sharing
  • Record remote sessions
  • Support Mobile Devices (Android and iOS)
  • Support unattended access and manage up to 3 devices
  • Remember session settings
  • Support whiteboard and session invitation collaboration
  • Support two factor authentication and TLS 1.2 encryption technology

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Chrome OS

WebsiteAnyDesk free


AeroAdmin is an all-in-one best free remote desktop software, which provides connections over internet. The software comes in free and pro editions. The free edition is free for personal and business use. The free edition don’t support file transfer, sessions report, proxy support and software deployment. The software doesn’t require installation or configuration. It also runs from USB.

Main features of AeroAdmin Free

  • Support multiple monitors
  • Support 2 simultaneous sessions on one computer
  • Allows 10 SOS messages
  • Support unattended access by ID
  • Secure end to end connections using AES + RSA encryption, anti-brute-force system, and two-factor connection
  • Support remote reboot and safe mode
  • Support system keys transmission
  • Can lock windows remotely
  • Take screenshots during sessions
  • Support connecting up to 20 remote computers by ID and unlimited endpoints by IP

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Linux

WebsiteAeroAdmin Remote Desktop



NoMachine is free remote access software that provides the tools to connect to another computer. It allows you to connect to single or multiple computers. NoMachine has enterprise desktop edition, which includes advanced features.

Main features of NoMachine

  • Transfer files and documents
  • Allows to access all files, folders and documents
  • Stream multimedia content and display videos and play audio
  • Allows you to edit, print documents
  • Share desktop content and record your screen
  • Secure connections with Opens SSL, TLS/AES 128 encryption
  • Support two-factor authentication and SSH tunneling

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS

WebsiteNoMachine desktop access

MSP360 Connect

MSP360 Connect is simple and reliable software that securely connect and control remote devices. The software has three editions: free, pro and managed. It is the right tool if you want to give support to remote customers and colleagues.

Main features of MSP360 Connect Free

  • Support file transfer (10MB limit), session recording
  • Support text and voice chat
  • Support remote printing
  • Use WebRTC technology
  • Secure connections with 2FA, SSL encryption technology
  • Support Multi-user session and Multi-monitor

Compatibility: Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android

Website: Free remote access for windows

AweSun free remote access software

AweSun is best free remote access software designed to connect to a computer from anywhere. You can use it to access your work laptop and gaming computer from another PC or phone. The free version is free for personal and commercial use. It can run portably.

Main features of AweSun Remote desktop software

  • Transfer and share files, messages, images and more
  • Include collaboration tools such as video conferencing
  • Support whiteboard, file dragging, text chatting
  • Secure connection with two-factor authentication, 256-bit AES encryption technology
  • Provide fast connection using H. 264 video coding
  • Can delete, download, rename files remotely
  • Support remote printing, blue booth connection
  • Only shows black screen on the remotely controlled PC

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS

WebsiteAweSun desktop access

HopToDesk - best free remote access software

HopToDesk free remote software

HopToDesk is an open source and free remote access tool. It allows user to access, control and share remote computers and devices. It is free for both personal and commercial use. It works portably as well.

Features of HopToDesk

  • Support file transfer, screen sharing
  • Support live chat
  • Support direct IP access, IP whitelisting, and SOCKS5 proxy connections
  • Provide end to end encryption

Compatibility: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS

Website: Free remote access tool

Chrome Remote Desktop

Developed by Google, Chrome Remote Desktop an extension tool that allows you to securely access your PC from your Android device. It works through Chrome browser or Chromebook. It is a cross platform application. 

Main features of Chrome Remote Desktop

  • Allows  you to  have full access to another pc
  • Share your computer with other users
  • Secure your connection with encryption technology
  • Works on a short-term and long-term basis

Compatibility: Cross-platform

WebsiteChrome free remote desktop


GetScreen.me is a one of the best free remote desktop software that works from a web browser. It is a cloud-based web service for remote desktop connection. The free version gives permanent accessonly for 2 computers. Some of the advanced features are missed from the free edition such as black screen, connection recording, and wake-on-LAN. It provides NAT traverse and dedicated IP addresses.

GetScreen.me is an ideal tool for administration, technical support and remote work.

Main features of GetScreen.Me free

  • Connect from anywhere using a web browser
  • Share files, folders between the connected devices
  • Able to control mouse and keyboard
  • Invite clients with ease
  • Support controlling phones, tablets, and more
  • Provided permanent access
  • Download files from remote computer
  • View history of recent connections
  • Lock and unlock a device using a single click

Compatibility: Cross-platorm (Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android)

Websitebest free remote desktop

Windows Remote Desktop

Microsoft has free remote access for desktop access applicationbuilt-in with its operating system.You can use it to connect to remote computer via LAN and internet.

Features of Windows Remote Desktop

  • Choose the devices and resources such as printers and other plug and play devices
  • Configure remote audio settings
  • Support keyboard using
  • Allows you to choose connection speed based on your internet speed

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is a free application used to connect to a remote PC and remote desktops. It allows you to access remote PCs Windows Professional, enterprises and servers. It comes with high quality video and audio streaming support.

Compatibility: Windows 10 or above


UltranVNC is an easy to use and free remote access for windows, which allows you to connect to your remote PC. It implements RFB (Frame Buffer protocol) to view and control remote PC. The software is ideal for help desk, remote support, remote demonstration, eLearning and access home pc from work.

Features of UntlraVNC

  • Connect to your remote pc and work on it
  • Support mouse and keyboard control
  • Support file transfer, and chat
  • Secure connection with encryption technology

Compatibility: Windows

Website: UntraVNC free remote access software

Distant Desktop

Distant Desktop has free remote access software that allows you to connect to your remote computer. The free version is a stripped version of the pro edition. It is suitable for infrequent use with limited time of outgoing connections. Installation isn’t required.

Main features of Distant Desktop

  • Support files and folders transfer
  • Connect to several computers at a time
  • Send and receive text chat
  • Implement AES based protection

Compatibility: Windows

Website: Best free remote access software

Iperius Remote

Iperius Remote Freeware is a free remote access to another computer software used to connect to your remote desktop. The free edition is the stripped version of the pro edition. It is install as a Windows service.And no installation and network configuration is required.

Main features of Iperius Remote free

  • Support file transfer (view, send and download)
  • Can connect from Android and iOS
  • Support auto reconnect

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android/Tablet, and iOS/iPad and

Website: Best free remote desktop


DesktopNow is a remote desktop access for windows software that allows you to access your computer over the internet. You can use it to access your files and documents from anywhere.

Main features of DesktopNow

  • View and control your desktop remotely
  • Manage and install programs remotely
  • Download file from remote pc
  • Upload files to remote pc
  • Can login to your remote desktop using mobile devices
  • Secure connection with SSL

Compatibility: Windows

Website: free Remote desktop access software


RustDesk is a simple and easy to use free remote access software, which works similar to other remote access programs. It is an open source and doesn’t require configuration. You can connect through public server or self-hosting server.

Main features of RustDesk

  • Gives full control on remote accessed desktop
  • Provided end to end encryption security
  • Manage permissions and track access log

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android,iOS, Linux and Web

Website: Open source best free remote desktop

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Quick Assist

Quick Assist is Microsoft Store application used to share a device with another person over a remote connection. It simply enables to connect to user’s device and display and view information. It is an ideal way to troubleshoot and diagnose issues related with the device and provide how to fix instructions. It employs TLS encryption technology to secure end to end connections.

Compatibility: Windows 10 and later

Website: Quick Assist remote desktop

LiteManager Free

LiteManager is a free remote access to computer manager software that helps to remotely connect to computers over the internet. It is used to manage and administer computer in global and local networks. You can control the remote desktop with mouse and keyboard. The software comes with additional utilities and modes. It has remote task manager, remote registry editor, power management, and wake on LAN modes.

Features of LiteManager free

  • Provides license to remote access to 30 computers
  • Allows accessing computer’s file system
  • Manage services and processes
  • Support multi monitor system
  • Support text chat
  • Turn off and lock a computer
  • Launch and install programs remotely, edit registry database
  • Support screen record
  • Work simultaneously on multiple computers
  • It is multilingual
  • Data transfer is secured by encryption (256-bit AES session key) and advanced technologies

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux

Website: best free remote desktop manager

Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities Free is best free remote access software that allows remote access and control of computers over the internet. It has many features and used for remote support, remote administration and access files and applications remotely. The software has both free and pro editions. The free edition gives one license and connects to 10 remote computers.

Main features of Remote Utilities free

  • Support remote file transfer, remote printing, remote installation and remote shutdown
  • Support full control and view, file transfer, power control modes
  • Support unattended access
  • Support a point-to-point connection
  • Support simultaneous connection
  • Remote deployment configuration support
  • Secure with TLS encryption, 4 authentication method and 2 step verification
  • Sync address book

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, iOSand Linux

Website: Fast Remote Desktop Software


Remmina is open source and free remote access screen and file sharing client for Linux. It connects you to your remote desktop using various protocols such as RDP, SSH, VNC, and more. You need to specify the protocol, hostname, IP address, Username and password to connect to remote desktop.

Compatibility: Linux

Website: Remote access and file sharing Software

Remote Ripple

Remote Ripple is freely available software that enables you to connect remote desktop from any device. It is a free VNC viewer suitable for personal use. It is a cross platform software.

Features of Remote Ripple

  • Connect to remote desktop using VNC protocol
  • Support text, clipboard exchange
  • Support file transfer
  • Save remote access sessions for 10 days

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

Website: Remote Ripple VNC Viewer


TightVNC is free, open source and fast remote desktop software that allows you to access and control your remote computer over a network. You can use to Open files, launch programs and view screens.

Compatibility: Windows

Website: Open source Remote desktop access

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