Buying used computer parts

Buying used computer parts are the first choice for those who can’t afford to purchase new components. Used computers are also preferred for the purpose of experimentation, hardware learning and custom computer building.

Whether it is new or used, we all don’t undermine the use of computer in our daily activities. It seems that we come to a position if we don’t own computer then things won’t be done quickly, reliably and even beat the competition (if we are in the market).

No doubt that it is playing a great role in every industry we can think of. If we agree that the use of computer is vital in our life, the next step would be deciding the type and capacity of a computer we are going to buy.

Depending on the type of work and budget, we have at least two alternatives to purchase a computer: new computer or used computer (normally referred as secondhand computer). Secondhand computer is, as the name implies, previously owned before we purchase it.

Ok, if you are thinking of buying secondhand computer, you need to have enough information about it.

Here I have listed some of the facts behind used computer, both the advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of used computer parts

  • It is much cheaper than the brand ones. Particularly, if you are into financial constraint, buying used computer will suite your situation.
  • Ideal for teaching computer software and hardware in schools and colleges
  • Can be used as a secondary storage media
  • Preferable for internet cafes and small businesses. It is not a wise plan to buy expensive high-end computer for a new business that has small initial investment. For new business, using secondhand computer will improve the growth of a business by cutting expense on machines like computer.
  • Remember most used computers are not short of processing a task comparing to the new one.
  • Good for building custom computer, specially for gamers.

The drawback of buying used computer

  • Upgrading can be difficult since modern motherboard and processor goes hand in hand. Old motherboards won’t accept current processors or require a lot of changes on the hardware.
  • Can’t meet the demand of new software and applications. Computer industry is among the fields where we see continuous technological advancement. There is always change in computer hardware and software. As a result, using used computer will be a bottleneck for new software, mostly if the age of the second hand computer is 5 years or above.

How to pick the best one?

We are trying to see the pros and cons of purchasing used computer and parts. We must remember that recent but used computers can be found from both offline and online shops. Even the best stores who sell brand computer parts also stock used computer parts.This clearly shows the demand of using secondhand computer.

Ok, here is a checklist that guides picking the best used computer/parts.

  • Is the computer suitable for future upgrade? Search a little more about the type of the motherboard and processor.
  • Does the computer have enough PCI slots for peripheral devices? This is a must for upgrading purpose, for example you can hook new graphics and sound card to get good performance.
  • Is the case tower type or desktop type? If you are purchasing for personal use, you must pick the tower case type. You will have enough space for adding peripheral devices.
  • How much memory does it support? You must have at least 1GB RAM installed and expandable up to 2GB.


This is an initial guide so that you won’t spend your money on stuff that doesn’t give service in the long run. Buying used computer parts would by an easy investment; however, you don’t have to throw your money away without knowing about the computer you are going to buy.

I hope this article helped you to grasp the facts behind secondhand computer and parts.

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