Trojan computer virus

Trojan computer virus is a malicious program that behaves itself as a useful application. It does something a user doesn't expect. Trojans are not viruses because they don’t replicate, but they are extremely destructive. Currently, most of the malicious codes grouped into Trojans.

The name Trojan comes from Greek Trojan Horse legend, it was a huge horse made from wood which was used to attack the city of Troy. The horse was given as a gift, but in the inside it was packed by armed warriors. The Trojans let to enter the horse into their city, but that night the armed forces come out from the wooden horse attacked the city and killed the guards. As a result the warriors let the city gate opened for the Greeks soldiers to come in and destroy Troy.

What does Trojan virus do?

Up to now several variants (modified versions of a virus) of Trojans are injected into cyber space. One type is capable of damaging files and modifies system settings; the other type opens a door for other external attack.

Logic bomb – is a type of Trojan virus that triggers when a specific condition fulfilled.

Password stealing Trojan horse is commonly used in online computer games to take other player score so that it is counted for the stealer.

Other effects of Trojans on a computer system include the following.

  • Secretly access user’s computer system
  • Allows hackers to access computer system remotely so that they can retrieve information or data from your PC
  • Does other damages like any type of virus
  • Slows down computer performance
  • Steals computer password and other private information
  • Crashes your system
  • Deletes files
  • Change system settings 

Sources of Trojan computer virus

  • Bad sites
  • Application downloads from un trusted sites
  • Email attachment

Enabling your computer firewall setting is the first step to prevent suspicious applications access. Other than firewall setting, Trojan virus can be removed easily using quality anti-virus program. Also, there are tools specifically made for removing Trojan type dangerous codes.

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