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What are the basic tools we need for small business computer network? Unlike large businesses, small companies are not financially capable to invest in expensive hardware and software. But, this does not mean that new business should stay away from latest technologies; rather they should play with it wisely.

Networking computers is one of the methods that pave the way to integrate new technology into small business. Moreover, computer network will minimize the cost on devices and software. Not only computer network cuts huge initial investment, it also facilitates and speeds up the task in the business.

In recent technology, it is possible to accommodate more than two users using one system unit only. You only need monitors for each workstation and the devices that serve an interface between the main system and monitor.

In this article, we will list out the main points we need to consider before putting up small business computer network.

Benefits computer network

The main purpose of PC networking is SHARING. Think of any technology device you have at your office, you can share these devices across multiple computers that are connected each other.

  • Using computer network you can share single device such as printer, fax machine, scanner etc
  • You can share files and software (no need of using CDs, flash disks to copy from one computer to the other)
  • You will be able to secure and control company data centrally
  • You can share single Internet connection to multiple computers
  • Easy to backup all data and files

Basic requirements for small business computer network

To implement computer network for your business, you should first know the tools and the requirements. Moreover, it is essential to have basic knowledge about PC network. In general, computer network is a combination of hardware and software.

Hardware requirement
To install a simple computer network, you need to make sure that the necessary devices are in place. Your hardware requirements include the following:-

- Two or more computers installed with computer network card (if you opt for wired network type) Generally, there are two types of network: wired and wireless. Depending on the layout of your office, you can setup both types or in combination. However, each types of computer network have its own strength and weakness.

For example, in wireless network, you will avoid cabling and drilling the walls. It is simple to install and can be accessed from every corner of your office. It is particularly convenient for laptop computers. Wireless network speed is affected by distance, room walls and signal strength.

When we come to wired network, it requires cabling. This is the most common type widely used in small business computer network. Wired network has faster connection speed. It is reliable, secure and cheaper than wireless network. Therefore, it is up to you to decide and choose.

  • Switch and Router (read the following article to get more information about these devices) Computer network technology
  • Network cable
  • Server (optional)

Server is not mandatory for small business computer network. One reason, the price of a server is expensive. The other reason, it is possible to build custom server using SCSI Hard Disk and cable. You can change one of your computers to a server. In addition, server requirement depends on the type of network you are going to setup. For example, you can connect computers using peer-to-peer network type, which does not require a server.

  • Software, almost all Windows Operating Systems and Apple Mac OS are built in with networking capability.

Network Security

After setting up your desired computer network, you should secure the small business computer network from possible external attack and data theft. You can secure the network using popular methods such as firewall, encryption, user account policy and password. Some of these tools come with the security setting of operating system.

In addition, devices such as routers come with built in protection capability that is applicable particularly for wireless network (wireless encryption protocol, WEP). Generally, as you add more protection layers into your network, it becomes more secure and stable.


In summary, installing small business computer network is an essential method to grow your business. It is the best way to go with the current fast changing computer technology. In addition to sharing data and devices among company computers, small business network will not demand huge investment like large companies.

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