How to recover deleted photos?

Is it possible to recover deleted photos from various types of storage media such as hard drive, flash memory, USB drives, Digital camera cards, or from any other storage devices? Go ahead and read this article to know how we can get back deleted files from storage media

Due to several factors digital data can be lost easily. Particularly, if you often use digital camera, your photos are vulnerable for deletion unless you back-up regularly.

On the other hand, it is good to know that data can’t be deleted permanently from storage devices except you use special programs to do that. Even formatting the storage media won’t delete files from it. But, overwriting files may reduce the chance to get back the files. This dictates that it is not recommended to write or save files again on the memory you lost files from until you recover the deleted files back.

Once, I accidentally deleted photos from my digital camera’s memory card. It would have been a disaster to lose those files forever. But thanks to Recover My Files program, I have managed to recover all my photos without losing a single file.

This program not only recovers photos, it can also recover any type of file from your hard drive and memory card. Personally, I have used it to recover AutoCAD Drawings from a formatted Drive.

Benefits of Recover My Files Program

It will recover:-

  • Files and Folders emptied from the Recycle Bin.
  • Files and Folders deleted using DOS commands (via the command line).
  • Drives that have been accidentally re-formatted - even after a new operating system has been installed.
  • Digital camera storage cards which have been formatted or from which photos have been deleted.
  • Temporary backup files created by applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

List of data recovery programs

Other than Recover My Files program, there are quite a number of recovery programs available online. Some of them are commercial and most of them are offered freely. Nearly all are capable to recover deleted photos from Digital camera’s memory cards.

Some of them are the following (as reviewed by most users)

  • PC Inspector Smart Recovery
  • PhotoRec, version 6.11.3
  • Recovery Fix Software
  • Disk Doctor (
  • REMO Recover Media Edition software (available for both Windows and MAC operating systems)


It becomes quite easy to recover deleted photos from any type of storage media. However, running different recovery programs on your memory card may harm your recovery effort.

If you value your photos, go for the commercial programs since they are well advanced and able to recover files without corruption. Good luck!

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