PC performance test

PC performance test is a way of checking and determining the functionality of a computer which includes both hardware and software. Whether you have a brand or assembled PC or laptop, problems can occur both in its software and hardware. Unless you do on time and regular computer performance test, your computer operation degrades quickly than normal.

Actually, computer slow performance arises from several factors such as corrupted program due to virus, registry corruption and other reasons. In addition, malfunction or aged computer part also impedes computer performance significantly.

Computer performance test is required:-

- When upgrading a computer with new hardware

Some of the parts of a computer such as graphics card and processor can be upgraded with new ones to increase PC performance. However, when upgrading a computer, you must check whether the new parts are working smoothly with the other parts.

- When building new computer from scratch

Particularly computer performance test is a must process after building or assembling new computer from scratch. Actually, when you first start newly built system, it will surely have some problems. To troubleshoot such kind of system failures you should use computer part test. You may come across to a part that should be changed after running the test.

- When replacing malfunction computer part

- When any kind of problem occurs in a computer

Most problems that occur in a computer system is related with application failure, but problems associated with hardware can also be a major reason for slow computer performance.

Ways of PC performance test

- Using the Diagnostics tool comes with the computer

Most known computer hardware manufacturers supply hardware diagnostics and utility software with their system. The diagnostics tools are given in CD/DVD or other removable media or can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

In recent systems, the diagnostic software is also installed on a special partition on the hard disk so that when you want to test your PC, you can easily shift to that partition during startup and run the Diagnostics.

- Using Online computer performance test services

This is the easiest and fastest method to test computer performance. This way you can save your time and money. Currently, there are a handful companies that give online PC performance test service to determine how well is your computer performing. After running the testing it will tell which parts are performing well and which parts should be upgraded or replaced, also it tells about outdated hardware drivers.

- Using free software/programs developed for this purpose

Free part testing program is the other option to implement. Most of the applications in this group are used to test both computer hardware and software. However, you should be more careful when selecting the application and the place you are downloading the application from. This will keep you from viruses and spyware coming from infected pages.

The following are some of the tools/the ways you need to keep your computer performance.

  • Diagnostics/Utility programs
  • Install the best registry cleaner
  • Updating outdated hardware drivers
  • Use reputable online computer performance test labs

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