Main Parts to build a computer

The main parts to build a computer are the same whether you want to assemble new system from scratch or upgrading the existing one with new components. Building custom PC is not that much complicated as you may think.

These days computer building is no more a task left only for experienced system builders. Anybody with basic knowledge of computer parts can build a system that functions like brand PC.

Usually, people want to build a computer to incorporate the exact component in the system which serves their current need. Above else, you will get more knowledge and experience about computer systems.

What are the main parts to build a computer?

The following are the major components you need to build a complete system. You may read more about each part on this site.

- Computer Case - Computer Motherboard - Computer Processor - Processor fan with heat sink - Hard Drive - Computer Memory - Computer Monitor - Power supply - CD/DVD Rom - Computer Keyboard - Computer Mouse - Floppy drive (optional) - Operating systems software

Optional parts to build a computer

The following parts considered as an optional parts since they are integrated with the motherboard. However, depending on your usage of a computer you can buy separate advanced graphics and sound cards.

- Graphics card - Sound Card - Modem - Network card

Computer building requires the following essentials:-

- Basic knowledge of computer hardware and software You should be familiar with each component and how each part functions together before delving into the building.

Planning – this very important, proper planning keeps you from unnecessary expense. For example, for what purpose are you building a computer? Is it for gaming or for standard use? Is it for minimizing expense?

For example, building a standard computer and gaming computer slightly differ in choice of parts. Gaming computer demands well performing processor and high-end graphics card that is different from the card integrated with a motherboard.

You need to sit down and do a little planning. No one builds a home without a blueprint on hand.

Manuals and guides – there are many e-books and web pages that are worth to read to get experience from advanced system builders. Get help from experienced individuals. It will keep you from mistakes they were into.

Disadvantages of building your own computer

- Building a computer may not save you much money comparing to new readymade systems If you are building a computer to reduce expense, then you should be more careful in selecting individual parts.

One way to save money is to purchase the components from few vendor sites which help to reduce shipping charges.

The other way is using the components from old computer such as keyboard, mouse, monitor, case, storage devices and power supply.

- Unlike brand completed systems, you will separately buy Operating system and other programs

Where to get the parts?

Hundreds of computer parts store exist online. The following are popular based on price and customer support.

  • TigerDirect – acceptable price
  • Geeks – home of latest computer gadgets as well
  • Newegg


Although the parts to build a computer are few, you should know how these parts work together and how to choose the parts among many variants. Once you fully grasp the basics about each component, you should plan about the type of computer you are going to build and begin the process.

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