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Intel core i7 processor overview

Intel core i7 processor is one of the first core i-series processors built based on the new Intel’s micro architecture technology called Nehalem. Intel’s Nehalem micro architecture has key features that outrank from previous processor technologies.

In the Nehalem architecture, the memory controllers and North Bridge are directly put into the processor. In the Nehalem processor technology, core i7 is the first CPU introduced in 2008.

What are the main features of this processor? For what purpose it is designed for? In general, how do we choose the right processor that fits our need?

We will discuss more about core i7 processor in the following article.

Intel core i7 processor features and technologies

Until recent times, core i7 family processors were the best particularly for extreme 3D gaming, intensive graphics tasks, multimedia production in standard computer level. Now, this processor becomes previous generation CPU, for the reason that Intel introduced new and improved processors called 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors family. But this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t buy Core i7 processor. It still does the job it is designed for.

Core i7 processor has several versions both in high end and budget group. Depending on your work type and budget, you can pick the right one.

Core i7 General specification

- All support 64-bit execution

- Integrate 4 Cores (latest Core i7 processor incorporate 6 cores)

- Speed ranges from 2.66GHz to 3.33GHz

- Front Side Bus Speed include 2GHz, 4.8GHz or 6.4GHz

- Support DDR3 main memory

- Support Hyper-threading technology

- 1MB L2 and 8MB L3 cache

- Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology

- Virtualization Technology

- Streaming SIMD Instructions (MMX)

- Over clocking capability

- Supports Intel Turbo Boost technology

Purpose of Intel core i7 processor

The Core i7 processors series targets the gaming industry and for the applications that demand efficient performance.

Generally, Core i7 processor is recommended for:-

- Multitasking, for running multiple programs at the same time

- Multithreading applications

- Extreme 3D gaming

- Creating professional movies and editing graphical tasks

- More than enough for basic tasks such as word processing, internet browsing and e-mail

Tips to choose the right processor

As there are several types of processors introduced both from Intel and AMD, it is so confusing to select the right processor that serves your need. In order to ease the selection, here are some of the tips you should keep in mind.

- Decide the type of work you are going to work – this is because all processors are different both in technology and performance. If you are into gaming and resource demand applications, your choice of processor will be on high-end CPU group. Both Intel and AMD have economy CPUs that aims to serve people who can’t afford to go for high-end processors.

- Decide your budget range – determining your budget range keeps you from unnecessary cost. In Core i7 series there are at least three versions, which slightly differ in the technology they incorporate and price.

For example, i7-965 costs around $700 or higher, but i7-940 can be purchased at $280.

- Understand the features and the technology behind each type of processors.

You can read more about the features of best computer processor here.


In summary, Intel Core i7 processor is Intel’s first CPU designed based on Nehalem micro architecture. This processor is ideal for computer 3D games, multitasking and multi-threading applications.

For additional information and CPU specification you may visit the vendor site at

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