Dual core processors features and benefits

Until 2006, dual core processors were not common in standard desktop computers. But in 2005, Intel leaps one step forward in processor technology by introducing the first dual core CPU in its Pentium D and Pentium Extreme Editions. Later in the same year, AMD also followed Intel by releasing its dual core CPU in Athlon 64.

Generally, dual core processor integrates two processors in a single chip. Physically, it seems one CPU but in the inside it has two CPU cores. Each processor core has its own cache and an interface that connects to the system bus (FSB). This type of processor executes two complete instructions at the same time. It is like having two computers processors combined in single CPU chip. This enables the processors to share the work load between the two cores and enhance processing capacity.

In other words, a user can run multiple programs simultaneously on dual core CPU computer. For example, you can do graphics while it is burning a DVD in the background. In fact, users who run multithreaded application will gain more performance from dual core CPU than non-multithreaded application users.

With this release of dual core CPU, the multi core processor technology, which is the expansion of dual core processor, becomes the trend of modern CPUs. Furthermore, both Intel and AMD, continues to add more processor cores in a single package or chip. In 2006, Intel introduced its first quad core CPU - four individual processors in one package. AMD introduction of quad core processor was Phenom CPU.

Major features of dual core processors

  1. Integrates two processors in a single package
  2. Support hyper threading technology (not in all dual core Intel CPU’s)
  3. Capable of 64-bit instructions
  4. Multitasking and multithreading capability (Read more below)
  5. Ideal for multitasking.
  6. Consumes less energy
  7. Its design is well tested and reliable

Advantages of dual core processors

  • Whether you run a single-task or multi-threaded application you gain better performance from dual core CPU than single core processor
  • If you want to work on your computer by running multiple programs (called multitasking) at the same time, then your choice would be a computer fitted with multi core CPU.
  • Suitable for multithreaded applications – when we say multithreaded application, it means that you can run different parts of a program, called threads at different place by sharing data and code. It means that the programs can be broken into multiple threads (parts of the same program) which can run at different processor cores.

Multithreading is closely connected with parallel computing. Parallel computing is a simultaneous execution of the same task on multiple processors to get results quickly.

You may not see this kind of performance by dual core CPU in single-task execution.

Presently, software and game developers followed the multi core processor technology by creating multi threaded applications. This greatly helped to use dual core capacity to the maximum.

Users who often work in editing and creating music files, videos, graphics and playing 3D games will get optimal performance from dual core CPU. Due to the fact that these types of programs are optimized for parallel computing which can run on multi core processors.


Currently, we are very familiar with desktop and laptop computers come with dual core processors. And as the technology advances this type of processor will be taken over by multi-core processors that we are seeing in recent systems. The microprocessor giants, Intel and AMD, are kept improving the processing power of microprocessor.

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