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How to fix registry error?

Generally, there are two ways to fix registry error. Either you can fix it by editing the registry database manually, which actually depends on the knowledge you have about it or use best registry cleaner specifically designed for this purpose.

Windows registry is a database where all computer hardware and software setting information is stored. Each time you install a new hardware or software, code is written to the registry database about that particular part or program.

Through time in one way or another, the database may get corrupted and disorganized. This situation will cripple the performance of a computer and even won’t start again.

So, you can imagine how important this database is for the healthy operation of your computer.

Some of the reasons for registry problem are the following:-

- Frequent install/uninstall of programs

- Incorrect uninstall of applications

- Virus and Malware attack

- Improper editing of the database

Errors in the registry database can be responsible for:-

- Slow computer speed

- Frequent program/application and system crash

- Slow program and file load

Registry error fix methods

In order to fix registry error, keep the database clean and protect from possible registry corruption, the best way is to use registry cleaner.

Editing the database can also be an option to fix the registry, however, it is not recommended unless you know well about it. Editing registry database is left for advanced users.But if you are determined to do it manually, you need to backup the existing registry database, create system recovery disk and backup all files reside on your computer hard drive.

To access your computer registry, type “regedit” into “Run” command line and press Enter. This will open the Registry Editor.

Using the third-party cleaner is the best and the safest method to fix registry error. Once you install a cleaner it will automatically detects errors and fix while you are working on it.

Depending on cleaner type, you will get additional benefits as well such as,

- Overall control of system configuration

- Optimize and improve computer performance

- Recover disk space by removing junk data

- Manages and optimize memory usage

- Manages currently running programs

- Securely remove programs you do not need any more

- … more benefits

There are thousands of cleaners found on the market, to ease the confusion and select the best cleaner you should look the above and other additional benefits before buying a particular type of cleaner. Normally, most cleaners let you download free demo version to try it for a limited time.

For your information, here are the top 5 registry cleaners you find on the net:-

  • TuneUP Utilities
  • RegistryEasy
  • RegCure
  • Registry Fix
  • Registry Winner

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