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What is the fastest computer processor? A processor from Intel or AMD? How do you determine a given CPU is faster than the other? What are the main features related with high performing CPU? In this article we will try to answer those questions.

However, when we talk about computer processor, we are talking about processors designed for standard desktop and laptop computers only. Processors made for servers, mainframe computers and super computers are super fast and very expensive than typical personal computer processors. These types of computer processors are designed for large companies, military operation bases, industries, factories, space exploration, governmental offices and for other sophisticated research and analysis purposes.

On standard computer processor specification level, several types of processors are introduced both from Intel and AMD. These processors are different in design, purpose and the features they incorporate. Based on these factors we can select the right processor (I said the right processor not the fastest), but we can’t draw a hard-line that this processor is the fastest than the other one. It all depends on many factors.

Some of them are listed down here

Determining the fastest computer processor

- Users must first decide for what purpose they are using a computer

Other than for general purpose use, microprocessor manufacturers produced several types of processors from economy range to high-end range. The high end range processors are designed for specific type of applications such as 3D gaming, Graphics creation, Professional movie creation and other resource demand applications.

Commonly, most recommends that AMD processors are good for gaming that is because AMD processors integrate graphics technologies on the processors. Intel is known in producing fastest laptop processors in the world and serves well specifically for media coding purposes. In addition, Intel comes with new 2nd generation processors that incorporate new features and latest processor technologies that give extra performance for any kind of task.

Deciding the type of work you are going to do with a computer will help to gain the performance you demand. For example, playing game on basic computing processor won’t give you the performance you need. But if you use the same type of processor for basic task such as word processing, e-mail or browsing, it is more than enough.

- Understand the technologies built in with fastest computer processor

Not all processors integrates the following features, some of them are built in with high-end processors to cater better performance for high demand application such as 3D gaming and multimedia creation.

  1. Processor speed – it is measured in MHz or GHz, the higher the speed the better.
  2. FSB (Front side bus) – an interface that connects CPU with North Bridge and memory controller.
  3. Cache size and level
  4. Hyper-threading technology (for Intel processors)
  5. HD Graphics technology – this enables you to play games and to have 3D experience without requiring advanced graphics card. Intel built this technology directly on processor chip.
  6. Number of cores available on a single chip
  7. Multitasking capability
  8. Over clocking capability
  9. Power efficiency technology
  10. Other technologies

- Understand that computer or system performance is determined by combining computer parts that work together.

Having a fast processor won’t benefit you unless a computer has compatible parts that work together. The most important parts are graphics card, computer motherboard, computer monitor and hard drive.


As we have discussed, determining the fastest computer processor requires understanding the features and the type of task it is designed for. In addition, you can use processor benchmark sites (such as and that can assist to select the right and fast processor.

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