computer speed up tips

Knowing computer speed up techniques will help you to implement the best methods that can boost your computer performance. If your computer fails to run as fast as it used to be, then it is time stop doing work on it and carries out some routine maintenance. It actually doesn’t require you much technical knowledge to speed up computer performance, and some of the ways are easy and free to use.

Read through this article to learn how you can speed up computer right on your table.

Reasons for poor computer performance

Computer performance is affected by several reasons, some of them are the following:-

Windows registry corruption

Continuous freezing, unknown error messages, startup problems, pop up messages, program corruptions and slow loading are all related with computer registry system.

Registry database holds information about your computer hardware and software setting. This database may get corrupted when programs are not installed/uninstalled properly.

To repair this database either you try to fix it manually (very dangerous unless you know about it well) or using recommended registry cleaner.

Hard drive file fragmentation and lack of space

Cleaning your computer hard drive is the other computer speed up tip. The more the files are fragmented on your hard drive the more time it takes to open it. To reduce the loading time, the files must be consolidated and reside on a single space.

Disk Defragmenter and Disk Clean up are excellent tools which come with Windows operating system for these purposes.

Virus attack

Lack of enough Memory space

Aged computer

Solutions for Slow Computer

Regular maintenance – Like any other machine computer requires regular maintenance and service. Don’t work on your computer until it stops!

Depending on the amount of time you spend on your computer you should run Disk cleanup and Disk defragmenter every month or once in every three months.

You should also update your anti-virus program every day or once a week. This will keep your computer away from new virus threats.

Install Registry Cleaner – this is a must tool not to forget. You will be guaranteed to keep your computer from registry related problems if you choose the best registry cleaner and install it on your computer. It is meant to scan, identify and repair any registry problem automatically.

Upgrade computer memory – having more memory on your computer is the other best method used to increase computer speed. Actually, it will cost you some money to add additional memory. But it surely improves your computer performance.

Upgrade Graphics card – computer graphics card controls what we see on a computer screen. Unlike the old ones, modern graphics adapter has both its own processor and memory which frees a processor to compute graphical data and work on other activities.This will increase computer performance.

Computer motherboard, processor and hard drive can be also replaced. There are computer shops online which store refurbished parts. However, you must consult your computer system guide before purchase.

Reinstall the Operating system – this is the last remedy in the list of computer speed up methods. Formatting and installing fresh copy of operating system will get your computer back to the performance it used to have when you first bought it.

Even upgrading your computer operating system will have an impact to speed up computer. However, you should check whether the computer parts are capable of operating with higher version of OS.

Conclusion - computer speed up tips

These are the most common computer speed up techniques you should know in advance. This way you can equip yourself with the tools and implement them easily when your computer performance gets down.

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