How to check my computer speed?

The two ways I often use to check my computer speed are using the application I install and other third party testing programs. Generally, computer performance determined by not only the high-end processor it is built with, it is also by the type of other computer components installed. However, checking the speed test starts with a processor.

In computer systems, a processor is the place where all computing activities are carried out. Through time processors technology is significantly changing, which makes it capable of processing huge data within a second. All the other components are there to facilitate the computing activities of the processor and display the outcome.

Therefore, the type, size and speed of other components have significant impact on a well performing processor as well. For example, even though, you have high-end processor but not enough memory space to work on, the processor will not function with all its capacity.

OK, let us see the methods I personally use to check my computer speed.

But first…

How to check my computer processor speed, type and brand?

You can easily check your computer processor brand, type, and speed. There are a number of ways to do this, but I will mention only three.

For Windows XP users, Start==>Control Panel==>System, Click on the General Tab, under Computer title you find your computer processor information.

For Windows 7 and newer, Start==>Control Panel==> System and Maintenance ==>System, under System title you will find processor spec.

If you want to get detailed information about all parts of your computer, go to Start==>Accessories==>System tools==>System information or type “msinfo32” at search box in Windows, Run box in Windows. There you have all statistics about your computer hardware.

Checking computer performance

Option one – Use the program we use

To check my computer speed, the first step I usually implement is installing an application program or using the existing program I often use. Computer applications are updated/upgraded very often; as a result, they demand hardware capacity.

If you think that you have a program that demands system resource, install it and see how the computer performs with this program.

Generally, recent applications are requiring a computer with at least good processor, graphics card and memory in order to run them. It is not possible to install these kinds of programs on old computer, either it will not install at all or function very slowly.

From this simple method, you can easily check your computer performance and see where it should be upgraded or identify a part that should be replaced.

Option Two – Use Third-Party Testing Programs

There are several application programs out there specifically designed for determining PC performance. These programs can easily scan and rank your PC speed. Most of these programs measure processors speed. Particularly, these programs are beneficial when we want to upgrade our computer or build our own custom computer from scratch.

These processor benchmark programs include: BAPCO SYSmark and iCOMP (Intel processor benchmark).


Actually, I check my computer speed for personal knowledge and experiment. In your case, you may have an interest to know how fast your computer speed is. In both situations, the above methods will help to determined PC speed.

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