How to burn mp3 CD using Windows media player?

This article shows how you can burn mp3 CD using Windows Media Player. If you are using Microsoft operating system, Windows media player is already installed with the system program. You don’t have to buy additional burning software to create mp3 CDs.

MP3 (Motion Pictures Experts Group Layer 3) is a popular format which enables to compress digital music into small size without losing the quality. Moreover, MP3 audio files occupy less space on hard drive and music player devices. It also requires less time to download from Internet. For these main reasons, MP3 becomes a standard format used to store, transfer and play music files.

In order to play mp3 music files, several kinds of digital players are introduced apart from a computer, Apple iPods are the most liked players among users.

Ok, let us go and see the steps to burn mp3 CD

Before starting the burning process, have the following essentials:

  • Windows Media Player Version 12 series (must be installed with the Operating system or download from Microsoft)
  • CD/DVD burner must be installed on your computer
  • Blank CDs/DVDs
  • MP3 files

Burn mp3 CD Steps

Step 1

Launch Media Player and create playlist Open Windows Media player, mostly found by typing Windows Media Player on the Search box or selecting from “All Apps”.

Select the “Burn” tab found in the upper right corner. You can burn “Data CD or DVD” or “Audio CD”. The Data CD/DVD stores several albums, whereas the Audio CD enables you to burn an album that is playable in CD/DVD ROM Drives.

Click on the down arrow to access Burn Options, found at the upper-right corner to set the burn mode to Data or Audio mode.

Step 2

To burn mp3 files, you can select the files from the left panel (if you already have a music list) or you can drag and drop mp3 files from your storage devices.

To create playlist, go to the Navigation Pane found at the left side of the screen. Select the “Palylists” Tab, and in the middle of the screen, it lists either created playlist or could be empty. Click “Click here” button to create a playlist and give a name to the folder.

Type your playlist name in the right side box. In my case, I give a name “Song” to burn mp3 CD. The new playlist folder will be created under Playlists media library folder.

Step 3

Add mp3 files to the created folder, in my case “Song” playlist folder.

To add files, put the Media player and the source folder screen side by side and you just select the files from your source (hard disk, flash disk or other removable device), drag, and drop the files to open space, “Drag items here” found at lower right corner of the Media Player.

As shown below, I have added 12 MP3 music files to “Song” folder, which are ready for burning. Here, you can rearrange the songs order as you like. You can also edit song titles, artist name and album name.

Step 4

Once you finish adding files into the folder, insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW into the optical drive and select “Start Burn” in the right panel to burn MP3 CD.

Upon finishing the burning, the burner automatically ejects the newly created mp3 CD. Now you have new mp3 CD, which can be, played on CD players or mp3 audio data.

I hope this tutorial clearly showed the steps required to burn mp3 CD using Windows Media Player version series.

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