Building your own computer

If the basics are understood well, building your own computer would be an interesting skill which enables you to acquire a lot of knowledge about computer systems. We may think that this is the area left for pc technicians. However, despite the complication related with computer systems, it takes a few easy steps to build a computer.

In this article we will try to see the basics of building a custom computer.

Well, Can anyone build a computer? Is it possible to do it without the help of pc experts? Yes, it is achievable to build a computer even without a guide. Regarding guides, there are several guides available online to assist you on the task.

This is not to repeat what was already said in those guides. But, I want to throw some notes not mentioned in the guides. Actually, the manuals are packed with more of technical aspects than the basics. The guides won’t benefit us unless we do have enough understanding about each computer part.

Steps of Building your own computer

As a beginner, to build best system:-

  • The first requirement is to grasp the basics of computer parts and how each component functions together. This is very important.

  • You must equip yourself with the basic knowledge about operating system and applications.

  • Decide the task you are going to do with it - Are you building for gaming, for design or for casual usage or just for experiment. This is because the components you choose for gaming and normal usage is different in capacity and performance. Gaming computer costs you more.

  • Selecting the right part among several variants of a single component is the other requirement. You must ensure that each component you choose is compatible with the other. It is expensive and waste of resource to purchase high-end components just for browsing, word processing and other low demand duty.

Getting the right answer for the above facts will help you to choose the right hardware. It also hastens the planning and the building process.

Benefits of Building your own computer

In most cases, you may not save much money by building a computer if you are thinking of that way. Sometimes, buying new pc is much cheaper than building it from scratch. It actually depends on the parts you are going to use in the new system.

Here are some of the main reasons for building a computer:-

  • It is a good way to select the best components you want to include in the system

  • Gain knowledge and experience

  • Suitable for building a gaming pc – there are brand PCs specifically designed for gaming as well

  • For Experimentation purpose

  • Personal interest

What are the main parts to build a computer?

Building your own computer requires the following individual parts:-

Case, Power supply, Motherboard, Processor with heat sink, Memory, Floppy drive (optional), Hard Drive, CD/DVD Drive, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse, Video Card, Sound Card, Cables (Power), Bolts and Nuts.

Video and Sound cards are optional parts because these devices are built-in with a motherboard. It is not necessary to purchase additional cards. However, building a gaming computer requires more advanced graphics card which has its own processor and memory.


Building your own computer is an easy task to do. Actually, it is an interesting experience from which you will gain a lot about computer systems. You may fail on the process, but learn from your mistakes and try again.

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