Tips to build gaming computer

How to build gaming computer? What are the factors we should know before starting to build? What makes a gaming computer different from standard computer? In this article we will see the basics you should know to build a computer effectively., pub-1326376214398174, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

How to build gaming computer? What are the factors we should know before starting to build? What makes a gaming computer different from standard computer? In this article we will see the basics you should know to build a computer effectively.

Reasons for building a computer

For whatever purpose you intend to use it, building your own computer is no more a complex task. Everyone with basic knowledge about computer parts can successfully build a computer.
Usually, people build a computer for different reasons. Some build for fun, some to reduce cost, some for learning and experiment and the other for gaming purpose. In addition, if you are not satisfied with the parts built in with the brand computer, you should build it yourself by including the components you choose. This way you can have well built system that even outrank brand systems.

Most people build a computer primarily for playing 3D games. Currently, computer games are popular in all people groups starting from kids to adults. And the demand of playing computer game is increasing ever year.

To meet this need computer manufacturers are improving the technology of computer parts that are essential specially for computer game. They are even designing a computer purposely designed for gaming, but it is expensive comparing to standard computers.

If you can’t afford to buy gaming PC, you can build gaming computer yourself. However, you should carefully plan and decide the budgeting when choosing the parts. Otherwise, the building could be expensive even more than retail computer if you don’t know the ins and outs of computer building.

The most important components to build gaming computer

The power of gaming computer resides in the following main computer parts. If you fail to choose the right part among many varieties, you will surely fail to have gaming computer.


A computer processor is the place where all the activities of computation carried out. Both Intel and AMD developed powerful processors that include the features and the technologies required to play 3D games.

Read more about features of best computer processor here.

Intel core i-series processors such as i7 and i5, and the latest Intel 2nd generation extreme edition processors are meant for extreme gaming purpose. The new 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors are built in with the latest graphics technology that doesn’t need even extra graphics card.

Most recommend that AMD processors are the best to build gaming computer. If can’t afford to buy Intel’s high-end gaming processors, you can get AMD CPUs with reasonable price without compromising performance.

Athlon 64 FX-57, AMD Phenom II x4, AMD PHENOM II X2, Athlon II X3 and Athlon 64 FX-62 are the most popular AMD gaming processors.

Graphics card

Graphics card is the most important component for gaming computer next to CPU. Actually, your quarter budget goes to this part.

Graphics card controls what we see on a computer monitor. Graphics card comes as a separate (discrete) part that can be plugged into PCI slot of a motherboard or built in with the computer motherboard.

The integrated graphics adapter is ideal for basic tasks. However, for playing computer games and do other intensive graphical works, you definitely need discrete plug in video card. This type of card has its own GPU (graphical processing unit), video BIOS, bus interface, video accelerator, fast memory and incorporates other features vital for playing game. To build gaming computer you should carefully choose the right graphic adapter that based on your budget.

NVIDIA and AMD/ATI are the largest graphics card designers and suppliers.


After you decide on the type of processor and graphics card type, your next job will by selecting the right motherboard that is compatible with the processor. Normally, you will find this information on the processor specification.

Memory (RAM)

More RAM size with fast speed will boost your gaming computer. So you should have at least 4GB RAM on your gaming computer. DDR2 and DDR3 memory chips are recommended.

The other components are important to complete the building, though you don’t give much worry about the parts. These parts are compatible to the above specs and come with better performance.


You can build your own gaming computer. But knowing the essential parts and choosing the right components based on your budget range are the main factors to build gaming computer.

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