Features of best computer monitor

What are the main features of best computer monitor? How do you choose the right monitor that brings additional computing experience for your profession? You computer choice depends on how well you know about monitor specs.
You can have a computer with high-end processor, but you cannot have superb output quality unless you have best monitor. Above else, current multimedia productions, entertainment industry, video game and application programs are demanding a high tech monitor built in with modern technologies.

In this article, we will discuss about computer monitors and the essential features you should know before purchasing a new computer monitor.


Though computer monitors are different in size, resolution and type, they are actually built in with either liquid crystal display (LCD) or cathode ray tube technology (CRT). CRT monitors are now becoming obsolete and no more available on the market. Whereas the technologies in LCD monitors are further developed and incorporated advanced features in modern LCD monitors. Actually, the best computer monitor that is available on the net is built with LCD technology.

Comparing to CRT monitors, LCD monitors produce high quality image, consume less power, easy for eye (built with glare filter), weigh less, take small space and integrate additional features. In addition, since the price of LCD monitors are gone down recently, it is easy to purchase now as low as with $100.

Basic technologies of computer monitor

All computer monitors has built in with the following features.

Display size
Computer monitor comes with different sizes that are measured diagonally. The most common sizes that suits for desktop computer use include 15”, 17”, 19”, 21”, 23” monitors. You will have more display space for your work with larger display size but more expensive comparing to less size monitors.

Resolution – the higher the resolution the sharper is the imaged displayed

Dot pitch


Refresh rate
You can read more on these features here. There are other basics as well but these are the most common but important factors you should know when buying best computer monitor.

Advanced feature of best computer monitor

Other than the basic features of a monitor, modern LCD computers incorporate the following advanced features.

Viewing angle – CRT monitors have more viewing angle than LCD monitors. However, recent LCD monitors have built in with a technology called IPS (In-plane switching) which enables a monitor to have wider viewing angle. The new Dell UltraSharp U2311H, one of the best computer monitors you find on the net, has 178 viewing angle.
Viewing angel helps to view from a wide area (means you can see the output from the side at 178 angle).

Connections and adjustability
All monitors have display port (VGA). Best computer monitor also incorporates additional digital connections such as DVI, HDMI, S-Video port (that enables you to connect your TV on your monitor) and USB ports. Even though the quality is minimal, some monitors have built-in speakers as well.

Adjustability is the other feature we often find on modern monitors. Adjustable monitors are ideal if you want to have different viewing angle and rotate to different direction as you like without moving the seat.

Other than the above monitor selecting guide, more information can be found be on the manufacturer site and manual. In addition, before buying, make sure that there is warranty and good customer support for the monitor you are going to purchase.

Benefits of best computer monitor

Why should we care much about a monitor? Well, starting from running small applications, best monitor enables you to view visual media on your computer without any problem.

Not only viewing multimedia productions, it is also a requirement for all professional design profession such as movie making, graphics design, game design, engineering design and running other resource intensive programs.


Computer monitor is one of the component you need to give due attention when purchasing. Whether you watch a movie, play Video games, or do other occasional work, you need the best computer monitor.
And selecting among from wide varieties of monitors available on the net can be challenging. But if you know the above essential features and benefits well, it will be easier to select.

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