Online computer courses: advantages and disadvantages

Online computer courses have advantages and disadvantages. Each year people are becoming more interested in taking online courses. Because of its affordability and flexible schedule, distance courses are preferred in the current education trend. It becomes the popular way of delivering knowledge across all continents.

And, most of the online course learners are full time workers, who want to upgrade their knowledge further and strive to have better position and salary in their career.

Currently, there are many online colleges available. The colleges offer different subjects, even some of them are specialized in specific area of study. On one side, it is an advantage for a learner since a learner will get quality online education as the result of the competition between the online schools. On the other side, it can be a difficult task to pick the right one. Like we do on the regular university and college, finding the right online college will require our time and research.

When we come to the courses, a wide variety of subjects are offered at online schools though computer related subjects are the most dominant course in online education. This is because the need of qualified professionals in the field is growing rapidly. Starting from the basic ones, you can learn up to the advanced level and receive accredited Certificate’s, Diploma’s, Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Advantages of taking online computer courses

  • Online courses are self-pace. Means, it has flexible schedule. The learners can study at their own time and place. This is one of the beauties of distance learning, no formal class and time.
  • It is affordable and easy to register. Online courses cost much cheaper than the regular one. Up to 60% education cost can be cut through distance education. No travel, accommodation and equipment expenses when taking distance course.
  • It is not restricted geographically. Courses can be learned from the most famous colleges and universities without leaving home and career.
  • The course materials are accessed easily. Assignments, projects and other activities can be done and submitted online.
  • The Degrees offered upon completion has equal value with the regular one. It is accepted by the market.

Disadvantages of Online computer courses

  • It demands self-discipline and careful planning. You study at home through tutorials and guides. No teacher, no lecturer when you study. The professors are only reached through email, telephone or message board. You should schedule your time to study in order to be successful.
  • Student feedback and evaluation is limited
  • Students are isolated
  • Most of the colleges are not accredited by the US Department of Education. Before registering, you need to check whether the college has accreditation.

How to choose the best online college?

We have already discussed that many colleges are offering online education. For this reason, selecting the right school may be a tedious task.

Here are some of the facts to remember before registering for online course.

  • Try to get as much information as possible about the college. Most colleges send admission packets and college history or you may visit their web page.
  • Check the college accreditation from the US Department of Education
  • Check whether the delivering mechanism of the materials is convenient for you. Internet should be the primary way to get study material and submit assignments. We know that sending materials through the traditional way is very expensive and time consuming. There fore, most of the tasks should be done online.


Online computer courses are ideal for people who can’t afford to attend the regular college or university. It is also convenient for full time workers who want to use free time to study further on the field of their interest.

But you need to remember the above facts before registering. Good luck!