What are the main motherboard components?

ASUS SiS 360 series motherboard components.

  1. Wake-On-Ring connector
  2. Processor socket, the picture is Socket 370 (Pentium III and Celeron processors) compatible motherboard
  3. Main memory sockets (current motherboards holds more than two sockets, the most common is 4 sockets or 2 banks). This motherboard has Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM).
  4. Power supply connector (20 pin) The power supply takes the electric power and converts to 12v, 5v and 3.3v.
  5. IDE (integrated drive electronics) Connectors. The blue one is a primary connector used to hook hard disk and the secondary connector used to connect CD Rom drive. Currently this connector is replaced by more advanced connectors.
  6. CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) battery
  7. Floppy disk drive connector
  8. ASUS iPanel connector (optional)
  9. System Panel connectors (speaker, keyboard lock, power LED, Message LED, Reset switch lead)
  10. Expansion slots (PCI – Peripheral Component Interconnect slots) – it is used to connect I/O cards such as Network card, TV card, Modem.
  11. Serial COM2 header
  12. AMR (Audio Modem Riser Slot)
  13. Audio Connectors - Game/MIDI connector – used to connect joysticks for playing game - Line Out Connector – used to connect headphone or speaker. - Line In Connector – used to record from tape players or audio resource - Microphone Connector – used to connect microphone
  14. iPanel Audio Connector
  15. Chipsets - It is controller of independent elements on the motherboard. Modern computers have two sections called North bridge and South bridge chipsets.
  16. VGA (Video Graphics Array) port – (15-pin female) used to connect monitor
  17. Parallel Port Connector and Serial COM1 Port Connectors Parallel ports used to connect printers. Now a day, most printers rarely use this port. Now they are supporting USB connection.
  18. USB (Universal Serial Port) it is a multipurpose port used to connect various devices such as scanner, digital camera, flash memory, mouse and keyboard.
  19. PS/2 mouse and keyboard connectors – recent computers are no more using this type of connector. It is replaced by USB connectors.

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