What is hard drive shredder?

Hard drive shredder enables us to remove sensitive and private data from a computer hard drive securely. Actually, we can remove any data from a hard drive using “Delete” command.

However, deleting only does not guarantee us from permanent removal of the data. Because, data will not be erased lastingly using "Delete" command. The deleted data still resides on the hard disk but it is inaccessible by the current operating system since it marked the data as deleted. However, if we use best hard drive recovery software, we can retrieve back the deleted data easily.

Reasons for erasing hard drive

Before using hard drive shredder, you need to decide first whether you need an eraser or not. How are you going to know this? To assist you, let me ask you this question: Did you store sensitive information on your computer hard drive? These sensitive files include credit card information, passwords, bank account information, private photos, designs etc.

If your answer is yes, you definitely need hard disk shredder. I believe you don’t want anyone to access your private files. Therefore, you may go out and acquire software that shreds the files permanently.

There are two kinds of tools that help you to erase hard drive completely. These are shredder software and shredder machine.

Hard drive shredder software

Shredder software erases hard disk files permanently so that it won’t be recovered or make it impossible to restore files even using recovery programs. Hard disk shredder software also called eraser and wiper is an advanced application program that erases data from a computer hard drive. If you don’t want to use shredder software or want to donate the computer without the hard disk you either use the hard drive as a secondary storage drive in your computer or dump it securely.

Hard drive shredder machine

The other alternative method you can use to shred your hard drive is using a shredder machine. The machine physically shreds the hard drive into pieces. This I think is the most effective method to get rid of hard disk data securely. There are companies that give this kind of service. Commonly, some people take out the hard drive and hammer it.