Computer Graphics card

Computer graphics card is a must component which needs attention when you buy a computer. It is one of the main factors that determine your computer performance.

Here we will try to cover some points about this important part of a computer.

What is video card?

computer graphics card

Graphics card also called graphics adapter, is an interface between a computer and a monitor. The graphical information computed by a CPU transferred through this card in order to display images on a screen.

Graphics card is responsible for interpreting the instructions received from a CPU and display it so that a user can see it in on a computer monitor. It is an important component in a computer system which affects your computer performance.

Cards with faster processor and memory will display images quickly. This dictates giving due attention when you select video cards.

Functions and characteristics

Currently, applications and programs are demanding more efficient and fast graphics cards. As a result of this requirement, more and more advanced video cards are introduced into the world of computer system.

Earlier, computer CPU was responsible for computing much of graphical data and determining what should be displayed on a monitor. This often delays the processing time. In order to tackle this problem significant improvements are made on video card technology.

The development of Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) is a primary step to meet the demand of graphical applications. AGP was meant to speed up the communication between CPU and video adapter, which helped to display high-resolution graphics quickly.

Continuing to the development, 3D graphic accelerators are developed which boost the efficiency of a computer. This kind of accelerator has usually its own processor called GPU (graphics processing unit) and memory.

A computer graphics card with these features (processor and memory) will reduce CPU burden on computing graphical calculations.

The GPU performs graphical instructions and data. It uses its own memory to store information and the settings such as color, resolution and refresh rate.

Now, Graphics accelerator is integrated on modern computers. However, current 3D video games and applications with high graphics demand, further need advanced and fast video adapter other than the on –board card.

For example, My Dell GX620 Optiplex computer has Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family graphics accelerator with 224MB memory size. If I want to run high graphical applications, I should install a card on PCI slot that satisfies the requirement.

Connecting Cards

Graphics card can be connected on the motherboard through PCI, AGP and PCI-express.

PCI-Express is the most recent and provides the fastest connection interface between video card and main board.

Types of cards

Currently, there are several kinds of video adapters. Some of the cards incorporate TV tuner, TV display and digital camera or USB connectors. And there are also cards capable of hooking more than one monitor.

So, it is good to decide first the usage your computer before buying a typical card.


Generally, a computer graphics card with high speed memory and processor will benefit a user to run graphical data easily and quickly. This will dictates the factors behind high-end graphics card.

Normally, the on-board graphics card is ideal for all applications except 3D video games and Graphics applications.

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